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Why exactly does first time sex hurt? Tips to make it less painful
Why exactly does first time sex hurt? Tips to make it less painful

NEW YORK, Nov 14 (TIWN): There is certainly a lot of hype surrounding first time sex. While some call it a life-changing moment and something you may remember all your life, others are of the notion that it is not THAT big of a deal. However, there is a consensus that doing it for the first time can also hurt a bit (or lot) depending on your threshold.

So women, before you squirm with the thought of intercourse, keep in mind that vaginal penetration doesn’t necessarily have to be painful. However, you may expect a little discomfort and even confusion during the first time.

Remember to take it slow  There are a couple of reasons why having sex for the very first time might be a little painful. A lot of times we become so stressed with anticipation that we clench our muscles, which makes the whole process difficult, instead of enjoyable. Remember to choose a time and place you are comfortable with, so that you do not get anxious with the settings and can finally let your guard down.

Secondly, an unstretched hymen can also be blamed for the pain. For the uninitiated, the hymen is a thin tissue which covers the external vaginal opening. A lot of women may already have broken their hymen due to extensive physical activities or may not have one, to begin with. However, if an unstretched hymen is your issue, you can gradually stretch it by using your fingers and pushing it back. You can also try using lube for added comfort.

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