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Nimish Shah joins hands with Bhaane
Nimish Shah joins hands with Bhaane

New Delhi, Oct 15 (TIWN) Designer Nimish Shah has collaborated with Anand S. Ahuja and Sonam Kapoor Ahujas clothing brand Bhaane to create the 'Cruise 2020' collection - an inclusive-Indian design tag in a contemporary e-shop featuring men and women ready to wear.

"The ''Cruise 2020'' collection is inspired by popular culture references that I saw while growing up in the 90s like souvenir shops, university sweatshirts, museum maps, graphic tickets integrated with a mix and match aesthetic.

"Inspirations have also been drawn from the conversations between the three of us. These have translated into a collection that brings the outside in - an amalgamation of lots of star dust (Sonam), Anand and myself," he said.

Shah says the collaboration happened organically as he was talking to Sonam and Anand about the industry and his experiences working with his own brand, Shift.

"We went on to exchange notes about Bhaane, a brand that I had always been fond of, and even before Anand could suggest his interest in having me on board, Sonam pulled out the big stop and just lay it on the table. It was such an exciting thought for me - to be able to extend my sensibilities and work with their vision on Bhaane. While I had initial apprehensions on managing two distinctive identities and brands, I feel like we arrived at resolutions much sooner than we imagined," he said.

"Ever since we began working together on Bhaane, we have learnt so much about each other. I believe that the success in our working relationship is how we contribute to a joint vision from three different perspectives. This really fuels the overarching thought behind Bhaane, that of inclusivity and progress. I can''t wait for customers to actually shop and experience our first Cruise 2020 line," he added.

Shah believes Bhaane, as a culture-first brand, has always "put people before clothes". "It keeps evolving, but the underlying thread is humility," he said.

"I feel like this collection will resonate with the modern Indian audience. It reflects millennial challenges. While engaging with environment, culture, politics and sustainability. Bhaane as a brand has its ear to the ground and will mirror India as it enters a brand new decade. 2020 is about a new vision but not one that is removed from the past. I look at Bhaane at becoming a new voice for modern India, but a voice that has been shaped by the history of contemporary India," he said.

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