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Christina Aguilera: Music industry is full of wolves
Christina Aguilera: Music industry is full of wolves

Los Angeles, Oct 14 (TIWN) Singer Christina Aguilera thinks the music industry is full of "wolves".

The 38-year-old pop star has grown up within the industry and has admitted to witnessing "the darkest sides of things" as she's navigated her way through the music business.  She shared: "It was a business with so many wolves.  "Older men who had other intentions. When you're that young coming up in a male-run business, you're going to see the darkest sides of things and hear how men talk about women, how they talked about my breasts.  "I do look back at that younger me, who needed a hug, and I want to tell her that not all men are like this. When people just accept it and say, 'Oh well, you know, boys will be boys,' I disagree. Because I do feel men should be held accountable."  Christina believes it's important to recognise that women are "not just one-dimensional creatures who should only view our sexuality from a man's point of view".  Reflecting on her own evolution, she told the Sunday Times newspaper: "That first record ['Genie'] was me playing a puppet, doing what the label wanted me to do and be at a time when the pop explosion was super big.

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