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Theron opens up about wrist injury from action movie
Theron opens up about wrist injury from action movie

Los Angeles, Oct 10 (TIWN) Hollywood star Charlize Theron opened up about a hand injury she experienced on the set of "The Old Guard".

"I have now changed my career. Yes, I am a professional bowler," Theron joked about her hand cast that resembles a bowling hand guard on the show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Monday, reports

She added: "It''s not as cool as I thought it was going to be. This is so stupid. I did an action movie and I tore the ligament off the bone fighting. I messed up my elbow, as well."

Theron also clarified that her injury glove was not custom made.

"It''s like a fabric and then they mould it for hours," she said.

Kimmel suggested that Theron not tell people that the glove is from an injury and instead try to pass it off as a trendy new style.

"It''s hard for girls to put their arms through sleeves, though. That''s the only thing," she said.

Theron said that she didn''t realize how bad her injury was initially.

"I''ve been walking around with this injury for two months. How bad*** is that?" I didn''t know that it was anything. I just was like, ''Toughen up. Come on.'' And then I was told by a doctor that it was basically just floating around and I was like, ''Oh, that''s interesting. That''s why I''ve only been using these four fingers.''"

She then spoke about her role as Megyn Kelly in the upcoming Roger Ailes film "Bombshell". Following the release of the film''s trailer, many people marvelled at how much Theron looked like Kelly.

Theron said that Kelly "is fully aware" of the film.

"It''s interesting when you make a movie like this. You want to be respectful to your sources and we did a lot of research. I think as a team we all kind of decided to not get in the ins and outs of what all of those conversations were, but she''s fully aware of the film."

Following the commercial break, Theron spoke about her voice role as Morticia Addams in "The Addams Family" and revealed that she didn''t grow up watching the original show. "I discovered it later in my life," she said.

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