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What is the Halloween witch sex position and how does it work?
What is the Halloween witch sex position and how does it work?

New York, Oct 8 (TIWN): Halloween isn’t a particularly sexy holiday – blood, guts and gore don’t usually go hand in hand with getting freaky in the sack – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be.

After all, watching a scary movie with someone while you hold their hand could easily lead to friskier behaviour.

And with all those Halloween parties coming up, we’re bound to see ghouls, goblins and other gruesome characters hooking up in dark corners.

So, for those who want to spice things up this month, we give you: the Halloween witch – a sex position that is hauntingly pleasurable (and magical, too, because – orgasms).

The Halloween witch: sitting The sitting witch is pretty much reverse cowgirl, but with a twist.  Ask your partner (the man or a woman wearing a strap-on)  to lie down on the floor, before climbing on top of them, with your bum facing towards their face.  Your lover should keep their legs together in a straight position – in this scenario, they form the witch’s broom.  Then, rather than sitting down in the traditional riding position, lift yourself up and squat on top of your partner, while still keeping them (or the toy) inside of you.  Bounce up and down, while carefully leaning forward and holding on to your partner’s legs – voilà, you’re doing the sitting witch.  The Halloween witch: standing This one is more complicated and a more apt name for it would be the Halloween wizard, as the woman is the broom in this scenario.  Tell your partner with the penis – plastic or real – to stand about a foot away from a wall and place a bar stool or similar furniture piece in front of them.  It needs to be high enough that it reaches up to the dick and be sure to put a pillow on top of it (you’ll thank us later).  Once the scene is set, it’s time to get into position.  Start by standing in front of your partner, then lean your body forwards on the stool. Your partner then needs to grab your legs to hold you steady, and each leg should be on either side of their hips. Imagine that your bodies are in the shape of a cross. 

Then, reach out towards the wall and brace yourself against it as your partner slowly – and carefully – penetrates you.  This is a very tricky position, so if you have a bad back or don’t have a suitable chair, use your bed instead.  It’s exactly the same, but you lie across the bed, while your partner does you from behind, but while standing on the floor. Once again, keep your legs straight on either side of the other person’s body, so that it appears as if they are riding a broom.  To make it really witch-like, we suggest a little cackle now and then, too.  The Hogwarts witch or wizard Potterheads will appreciate this one.  Get yourself in the sitting witch position, but add a few props. 

The person on the floor will have a wand (butt plug) and can pop this into the other person’s bum, gently playing with them during the sex.  Yelling out magic spells is optional, but we’d stay away from ‘Avada Kedavra’ – it might give the wrong impression.  You could also role play by putting on merchandise from different houses and enact the naughty moment a Gryffindor gets steamy with someone from Slytherin. Or pop on some Harry Potter porn or even one of the movies from the franchise.  If you’re more Practical Magic than Potter, have some midnight margaritas instead – or enact a scene from Hocus Pocus.


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