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Could you be carrying the 'mental load' in your relationship?
Could you be carrying the 'mental load' in your relationship?

News Delhi, May 15 (TIWN): I leave work, and as usual he texts me asking what’s for dinner. I reply with a shrug emoji (liberating) and he offers to buy ready meals. I think this is a bit of a cop out but then he buys the posh curry I like, so I can’t complain.

Then he peels off the plastic instead of piercing it, and I realise I’ve probably babied him for too long if he genuinely doesn’t know how to put a ready meal in the microwave. I fear this will be a long week.
Tuesday: Everything is dirty
I’m out for dinner tonight, but he buys himself pizza and leaves the packet and dirty plate on the table. I really want to ask him to clear it up, but remember this is a highly-important experiment and I must suffer for the cause.
I also need to do the laundry as I’m desperately running out of knickers, but pretend I don’t notice. It’s clear I’m still carrying the mental load but am unable to act on it, which is frustrating considering he gives zero shits.
Wednesday: He does the laundry (sort-of)
Hurrah! He also needs to do laundry, and even buys more washing tablets. The only problem is his technique for hanging clothes involves throwing them onto the airer at a one metre distance and hoping they land.
I resist the urge to re-hang them, but when I go to bed I can’t stop thinking about how creased they’ll be tomorrow. Perhaps this says more about my neurosis than it does about him?
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