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Mythology, history meet Indian dances in this fest
Mythology, history meet Indian dances in this fest

New Delhi, April 29 (IANS) India's classical and folk dances will meet its mythology and history in an upcoming dance festival here, where three dance styles will narrate the stories of Hindu goddess Durga, Mahabharata character Abhimanyu, medieval saint-poet Meera, and of a dance form Odissi itself.

The Kendra Dance Festival, presented by the cultural centre Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra here, will showcase the finest of choreography, costume, and music through scripts that dot India's collective memory. It kicks off on Wednesday and will conclude on May 8.

The first dance production 'Shree Durga' will touch upon the theme of atrocities against women and their resistance. It is based on Mayurbhanj Chhau, a folk dance of Odisha.

The dance production ‘Abhimanyu', drawing from the same folk style, will invoke the character of Arjun's son, Abhimanyu, who fought and lost his life in a battle at a young age.

The third production takes viewers to the medieval Bhakti period, when Meera Bai articulated through poetry the turbulence that transpired in her life and her devotion for the divine. It is based on Rajasthani folk dance. 

All these three productions have been directed and produced by the Kendra's Director and Vice Chairperson, Shobha Deepak Singh.

Directed by Datuk Ramli Ibrahim and Guru Bichitrananda Swain, 'Odissi on High' will translate the Odissi classical dance form into a contemporary crescendo. 

The festival, open to the public by invitation, is currently giving out invitation cards at the centre for free. They are also available online on

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