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Dear Kapil Sharma, calling Sunny Leone Italian pasta with white sauce is not cool
Dear Kapil Sharma, calling Sunny Leone Italian pasta with white sauce is not cool

Mumbai, Jan 20 (TIWN / India Today): Comedy is a difficult genre to crack and very few comedians can rule viewers' heart with their perfect comic timing and gags. Kapil Sharma is a gifted artist and has been given the title of comedy king not without a reason. His comeback has brought comic genre as well as many forgotten comedians back to the reckoning.

Watching The Kapil Sharma Show is mostly enjoyable. Especially, the part where he interacts with the celebrities. He is a good listner and knows exactly where to introduce a punch line without disrupting the flow. He makes his guests comfortable and displays childlike curiosity in asking questions. For instance, the recent episode featuring Salim Khan where the veteran filmmaker shares interesting anecdotes will go down in the history of the show as one of the most memorable episodes.

But the same cannot be said about the way he interacts with certain women guests he invites on the show. Somewhere, their looks are discussed more than their talent. They get more compliments for their figure than their work.

In the most recent episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, Kapil goes to the extent of calling Sunny Leone an Italian pasta with white sauce when Krushna Abhishek talks about trying to cook khichdi with Sunny (apni khichdi pakane ki koshish).

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