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BlueKaktus integrating 5000+ vendors and enabling leading fashion brands to become sustainable
BlueKaktus integrating 5000+ vendors and enabling leading fashion brands to become sustainable

New Delhi, April 19 (TIWN) The fashion and apparel industry has taken a sharp pivot towards sustainability in the recent years. Fashion brands are actively integrating innovative environmental, social and economic practices in their manufacturing and distribution processes. And, India's leading fashion and lifestyle digital supply chain platform, BlueKaktus is enabling these stakeholders to achieve this goal.

BlueKaktus' aim is to establish a sustainable supply chain by providing transparency and agility for apparel brands, manufacturing, sourcing, and retailing enterprises via its technology solutions to improve lead times, prices, and performance. 

The company is helping apparel brands, retail enterprises, and manufacturers improve their lead times, prices, and performance while reducing their dead stock. BlueKaktus started its journey in 2000, with a few hundred vendors, which later increased to 2,000. Now, BlueKaktus aims to integrate 5000+ vendors with the brands through its sourcing platform. 

"The business paradigm in the fashion industry is transitioning to on-demand production. Rather than anticipating demand, producers are instead reacting to it in real-time. As a result, fashion fundamentals are shifting. We at BlueKaktus, provide technology solutions that assist manufacturers, sourcing firms, and retailers in shortening lead times, lowering costs and thus improving the performance," said Gunish Jain, CEO, BlueKaktus, adding that the numbers of vendors linked with the firm are expected to rise two folds in the next six months.  The textile and clothing sector in India is estimated to reach US$ 190 billion by FY26. With a digitised value chain, investing in digital platforms brings significant benefits to apparel companies.

BlueKaktus' digitised Single Source of Truth (SSOT) platform ensures complete data transparency between internal and external stakeholders, resulting in more unified supply chain governance and orchestration.  BlueKaktus provides real-time data, minimises time-consuming tasks, analyses diverse circumstances and ensures timely delivery.

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