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5 in 10 workers now pick employer based on work-life balance
5 in 10 workers now pick employer based on work-life balance

Mumbai, Nov 9 (TIWN) Business leaders and employees significantly disagree on the future of work and new research showed on Tuesday that 57 per cent of employees will now select an employer based on work-life balance.

The report found that global business leaders are significantly more satisfied with how they have adjusted to new working norms in the pandemic than their employees are.  While 79 per cent of organisations believe employees prefer to work in an office , only 39 per cent of employees would prefer to work from an office full time, according to NTT Ltd, a global technology and business solutions provider.  "Currently, the narrative is all about remote working, but the reality of employees' needs is much more complicated, and any failure to accurately assess and respond to that fact presents a serious risk to organisations," said Alex Bennett, Global Senior Vice President, GTM Solutions at NTT Ltd.  "We found that work-life balance and commute times are now the two biggest factors people look at when deciding where to work, and so performing well on workforce and workplace strategy will be a real competitive advantage," he said in a statement.

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