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Fish exports to get boost in Varanasi
Fish exports to get boost in Varanasi

Varanasi, Oct 20 (TIWN) The Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) and department of fisheries and Agriculture Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) have launched an initiative to promote marine product export from the Varanasi region.

According to APEDA regional officer C.B. Singh, the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Government of India, has already been taking several key initiatives to sensitise growers, exporters, government officials and other stakeholders for harnessing the  export potential of agri-products from the region.
"As the fishery farmers and their production has increased in this region in recent years, there was a demand from them for giving them similar opportunities like agriculture farmers. In view of it, MPEDA officials who operate from Kochi, were asked to hold a meeting here," said Singh.
Fishery farmers were assured by the APEDA officials about initiatives to boost marine-agri product exports from Varanasi region by inviting MPEDA -- the nodal agency for marine product export.
MPEDA director M.Karthikeyan emphasised on the need to build a hatchery in Varanasi and assured that further action in this regard will be discussed with the concerned department very soon.

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