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India saw shipment of 11.2 mn wearable units in Q2
India saw shipment of 11.2 mn wearable units in Q2

New Delhi, Aug 26 (TIWN) India's wearables market grew 118.2 per cent year-over-year (YoY) in 2Q21 (April-June), shipping 11.2 million units, a new report said in Thursday.

The company uses liquid oxygen (LOX) as an oxidiser to ignite liquid kerosene rocket propellant which powers the Merlin engines on its Falcon 9 rockets.  However, as LOX is also used in respirators for those suffering with Covid-19, as well as water treatments, and with the pandemic lingering for more than 18 months, supplies are running low.  SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell stated that since liquid oxygen is short in supply, making it harder to launch rockets and that people should email her if they have some spare, the Daily Mail reported.  "We certainly are going to make sure hospitals have the liquid oxygen they need," Shotwell said during a Space Symposium panel, per a video uploaded to YouTube by ExpovistaTV.

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