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‘Diamond Era’ turns successfully a ‘Crisis era’
TIWN Jan 7, 2020
‘Diamond Era’ turns successfully a ‘Crisis era’
PHOTO : TIWN interview with working class people in Agartala city.

AGARTALA, Jan 7 (TIWN): Where the Govt. assured to resolve all the problems in the State and turn it into a Diamond era with tremendous flow of Central Fund , but reality check shows a different picture. Poverty, Crisis, Hunger, Unemployment, Debt is the present situation the state is facing. Where poverty has grabbed the state, workers are not getting wages after MGNREGA work which is already insufficient man days.

“People are dying without work & food, selling their children, commiting suicides poisoning whole family. Economic crisis led to the death of a whole family in Simna. However, Minister Ratan Lal Nath’s comment that the family didn’t die out of poverty. Also our Tripura CM claims that the state is on the right path of development.

The inhuman barbaric condition of the BJP Govt led to the suicides of businessman’s , unemployed youth and many others. New notices are going to stop social pensions further. The BJP Govt. stopped social pensions and are not paying the remaining beneficiaries.

“Prices of commodities are too high and Onions are sold at rate of Gold. This policy of the BJP has adversely affected the small scale businessman and the common people.

 Our beloved CM is busy in Sunday lunch, where he gives jobs to the rich, BJP supporting families but asks poor people to do Diary and Pig farming. Where MISS CALL BABA promised jobs on Miss call’s, one job to every household, 50,000 jobs within a year, all turned out to be a big JUMLA.

Unemployment rate has alarmingly increased in the State. Educated youth’s are moving jobless, daily workers are not getting work despite of compromise with low wage, businessman’s are facing loss due to poor market conditions.  Prices of everyday items are at a peak. This is the present impoverished economic condition the state is facing under the “Diamond era”.

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