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Biplab Deb's 7 lakh jobs promise in 30 months results in JUMLA, Tripura tops in unemployment
Biplab Deb's 7 lakh jobs promise in 30 months results in JUMLA, Tripura tops in unemployment

AGARTALA, Jan 1 (TIWN): Tripura CM Biplab Deb after coming into power, promised 7 lakh jobs within first 30 months , but 21 months gone, no Jobs!

From the very beginning , the 1st thing BJP Govt. in Tripura promised to provide people was employment. They promised 7 lakhs unemployed youths income opportunities saying the ideas would be something “different” also the ideas and economic theories although sounded “difference”, but actual difference could be seen in introduction of  “losses”, “Poverty”, “joblessness”, “crisis”, generation in State economy. Various promises were done by Tripura CM Biplab Deb challenging the previous Economic policy of the Communist Govt. but the promises remained in their own books and no industry grew in Tripura in the last 21 months of the BJP government , just like the promise of providing 7 lakh jobs in first one year, 1 lakh earning per year by rearing cows, duck rearing, ship- business with Bangladesh via Gomati river.
BJP Govt before  voted to power in Tripura promised in written document that it will provide 50,000 jobs within 1 tear of the govt formation but it did not kept its words besides terminated thousands of people from their jobs.
After 21 months of their JUMLAGIRI, Biplab Deb’s gigantic claims are proved to be FAKE- promises to fool media and masses as nowhere 7 lakh jobs creation is possible within 30 months. On being asked on this Deb with a smiling face replied, “it takes 17 years to complete Madhyamik, 20 years to complete Graduation and 25 years to complete Phd degrees, how will I provide jobs in 20 months”?
What was done in 21 months were starvation deaths and huge number of unnatural deaths, suicides under poverty burden and job tension, and highest rate achievement in unemployment.
All these profoundly generated resentments among the public and increasing irritations could be felt among the masses. A magic wand or fooling masses with FAKE promises till the 2019 Lok Sabha Election?

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