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How to fight depression during economic slowdown
How to fight depression during economic slowdown

New Delhi, Sep 22 (TIWN) As economic slowdown is often linked to anxiety and depression, which may also become a reason for suicide, experts suggest that rather than thinking about the future, working people need to live in the present and avoid mulling too much over a distressing situation to cope with stress.

Multiple datasets released recently show that the Indian economy is facing a multi-year slowdown.  Some indicators like nominal GDP (NGDP) are worse than 2008-09 levels when a US-triggered recession ultimately wiped out more than $2 trillion in terms of global economic growth potential.  But India's economic story during the last US recession, which ultimately spread across over 50 countries in Europe and Asia, was different--when top economies of the world saw growth shrink sharply, India consistently registered quarterly growth around 6 per cent through the 12 months of global during from September 2008-2009.

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