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‘Women are being victimized over petty issues': DSP Olivia Debbarma
Susmita Majumder
‘Women are being victimized over petty issues': DSP Olivia Debbarma
PHOTO : Tripura Police Deputy Superintendent of Police DSP Olivia Debbarma

On the eve of International Women’s Day (March 8), Ms Olivia Debbarma, Deputy SP of ‘Crime Against Women’ under Tripura Govt. spoke with TIWN correspondent and shared her views about the women in Tripura.

TIWN: .Please tell about your childhood and Education.

Ans. I did schooling from Blessed Andre School Badhungnagar, then Electronics & Telecom from Aurangabad University, Maharashtra.

TIWN:. Please tell little about the experience of your becoming an officer

Ans. It’s been a good experience till now as the profession, in which I am has given me lots of opportunity, to come in contact with various section of people in the society and to know their problems and to work with such people.

TIWN:  What ‘Women’s Day’ means to you?

Ans. I feel like ‘Women’s Day’ is very special for every women as it symbolizes out identity as “Women” in the society.

TIWN: Please share you experience in Tripura

Ans. Being a woman officer, I have been given the opportunity to deal with women related cases.

During this, it’s found that women in our society are being victims of many crimes, whether it is rape, domestic violence, molestation and many others. They are being victimized for petty issues.

TIWN:. How would women deal with outer world?

Ans. The question is not about dealing by others, but women should be educated and self dependent first.

TIWN:. How can Education help women with outsiders’ dealing?

Ans. Education is the only means, which will let us know the world better. Once, they are educated, it will be easy for women to deal with anything.

TIWN: Is learning self-defence art important for women?

Ans. “Self defence” art is becoming more important, as we can see crimes are increasing and to overcome problems, it will be a great help if women are trained to self-defence.

TIWN: What is police's’ role in safety of women?

Ans. For the safety of women various measures are being adopted by police. For better safety of women, Women police stations have been started across the state.

TIWN: How can women be directly helped by Women Police Stations?

Ans. Women helpline number-1091 has been started to give opportunity to the suffered women to inform about any crime against women so that prompt action is taken to solve their problems.

TIWN: Leave your message here for Women’s Day-2016.

Ans. I wish Every Women to be “Happy Women” and I wish Happy Women’s Day to all women of the state.

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