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Maddirala Nagaraju,IAS Secretary of Industry,Health Govt of Tripura
Susmita Majumder, TIWN Correspondent
Maddirala Nagaraju,IAS  Secretary of Industry,Health  Govt of Tripura
PHOTO : Industry Secretary Nagaraju delivering speech at Tripura Conclave on IT Industry at Rabindra Bhavan in Aug, 2015. TIWN File Photo

Mr. Nagaraju Maddirala, Secretary of Industry, Health,Depts, Govt of Tripura is an IAS officer of 1993 MT cadre, served in various Govt Depts in Tripura and outside State in various capacities; Mr Nagaraju is well known across State for his dynamic personality and bold initiatives in various Govt Departments,also instrumental in bringing prestigious JICA project in Tripura while he was DEA (Director of Economic Affairs) in New Delhi.

In an interview with Tripura Infoway News (TIWN) correspondent on Dec 20, 2015, Tripura Govt’s Industry & Health Secretary M Nagaraju shared his memories and views on Tripura.

TIWN: Sir, Pl tell about yourself, your childhood, education in brief

M. Nagaraju :  I was born in Krishna Distict of Andra Pradesh. I completed my Post Graduation in economics from Hyderabad Central University. My graduation is also in Economics.

TIWN: Pl tell about your experience with Civil services exam and becoming an IAS officer?

M. Nagaraju :  For the first time appeared for IAS exam which held in 1992, which takes 1 year to get the final result of the exam. So in 1993, I joined as an IAS officer.

TIWN :How civil service can be important for a person's career ? 

M. Nagaraju :  Civil service is the highest chance for young people in the country for public service. This gives you the chance to take responsibilities and to help the people across country. 

TIWN: Pl tell us about your first hand experience in Tripura

M. Nagaraju :  In Tripura, my experiences are  just “Wonderful”. I have noticed that people here are very helpful. After my university education, when I joined as an IAS officer in MT Cadre - which was here in Tripura, it enriched me with nice experiences. In the beginning, worked as  the ADM of Kamalpur where I actually learnt many things from local communities.

Then as ADM West and also worked for ADC which gave me so much experience with handling administration, including the  surrendering of militants.

Most importantly, the Tribal residential schools (as Ekalabya) which all I started in Tripura.

Also my two year’s  stint as South DM was very good. South Tripura is a nice place and its people too. People of South are very happy among themselves, so that’s the wonderful thing to remember.

TIWN: Sir, as you are incumbent Industry Secretary, what is suggestion to develop Industry in State ?

M. Nagaraju :  See, in Tripura the so called Industrial revolution yet to come because it has less natural resources, except Natural gas. The surplus plant and marketable surplus is necessary to attract the “Business” in any place. Here, marketing price is also at a loss. Infact, there is no competition. 

But we have other natural resources as Rubber, Bamboo plantation. On that basis, state can be progressed.

TIWN: If you worked outside Tripura, pl share your experiences

M. Nagaraju :  I worked in Finance Dept. , Govt. of India from 2004 to 2008. Also there I had many experiences in finance dept. in Economic relation of India with Japan and countries like America.

Next, I worked as the  DEA (Director of Economic Affairs), when I brought the JICA project in Tripura.

I had also experience as the Director of World Bank Project, where I was the advisor of World Bank Projects for India (2008-12) as well as the visiting fellow (Research Person) of University of Pennsylvania. Then in 2013 I joined as the Secretary of Industry Dept. as well as Secretary of Heath Dept.

TIWN: What would be your view on planning rapid progress in Information Technology in State ?

M. Nagaraju :  Actually, IT is not for all places. Except few countries every places are not dependent upon IT for their  business. In India also except Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad IT is not well settled. 

Moreover, Tripura although has many educated young stars, but the necessary IT “Skillset” lacks within them. Plain graduations in various subjects are not helpful to bring IT at all.

TIWN: Sir, what is Tripura Govt’s plan on rubber as global rubber prices has come down ?

M. Nagaraju :  See, in rubber business  depends upon the ‘Petroleum Input’. Once petrol price goes high, automatically the rubber price falls down. Moreover, it depends upon the world-economy as, in rubber business there are 2 kinds of rubber as : 1) Artificial , 2) Natural. But the international trade and impact  on rubber business affecting Tripura too.

TIWN: What you think on North East India is lagging behind than rest of India ?

M. Nagaraju :  Northeast  is  not  “Lagging Behind” at all. All these are just mental-isolation taken by the people of here. Tripura has a wonderful weather and peaceful state. I have travelled the whole India, if you compare with places like Jharkhand and WB’s villages then this place is much better.

In comparison with Maharashtra’s Aurangabad, which is a dry place, Tripura possesses a wonderful weather. Also it has better connectivity. Poor people are also leading good life, as it’s very hard to get labours in Tripura at Rs. 200 per day wage, whereas in other places, at Rs 100 / 120 labours are ready to work: which proves that poor people are not much sufferer here.

Moreover,  we can’t change the location of North East. Geographically, we can’t help it. But people would not give up and enjoy its various facilities.

TIWN: Sir, last question , what is overall vision and advise for developing Tripura’s IT Industry ?

M. Nagaraju :  Once the 3rd Internet Gateway, high speed internet bandwidth starts, IT will must be developed.  At the same time, young people need to be trained and develop their skills in IT field. 

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