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Sahid Chowdhury's nexus with ISI,HUJI couldn't proceed NIA investigation in 2008 due to Manik Sarkar': Ratan Lal Nath
TIWN Oct 28,2017
Sahid Chowdhury's nexus with ISI,HUJI couldn't proceed NIA investigation in 2008 due to Manik Sarkar': Ratan Lal Nath
PHOTO : TIWN File Photos : Left top and bottom arrested HUJI terrorists, inset pic terrorist Mamun Mia, right side top BSF Jawan killings by terrorists, left bottom massive GANJA gardens at Sahid Chowdhury's den Boxanagar.

'Sahid Chowdhury's nexus with ISI,HUJI couldn't proceed NIA investigation in 2008 due to Manik Sarkar, Sitaram Yechury’s pressure on Congress UPA Govt', MLA Ratan Lal Nath exposed how CBI,NIA investigation was denied by Manik in Terrorist Mamun Mia's case

MLA Ratan Lal Nath in a candid conversation with TIWN accused Chief Minister Manik Sarkar for providing blanket support for terrorist Mamun Mia linked Minister Sahid Chowdhury's underground activities.

Tripura Sports Minister Sahid Chowdhury’s link with Pakistan’s ISI, Bangladesh HUJI terrorists under scanner as Manik Sarkar Govt stopped doors to NIA, CBI investigations against Sahid Chowdhury in 2008 by influencing close partner Congress led UPA Govt.

"Manik Sarkar sacked Sahid Chowdhury in 2008 to hide media limelight on narcotics smuggling, international arm smuggling via its Tripura kingpin Sahid Chowdhury". 

Tripura MLA Ratan lal Nath on Thursday, Oct 26 had directly accused Sports Minister Sahid Chowdhury for his nexus with international terrorist organizations by stressing Terrorist Mamun Mia's Agartala operations who during his secret terror activities was residing in Agartala Ramnagar in Chief Minister’s relative’s house and day & night was working for CPI-M. "Only Mamun Mia was convicted and Sahid Chowdhury was saved just by banishing temporary from the Ministry.

The direct linking of Sahid Chowdhury with Mamun Mia (who is in Kolkata jail now) was an open fact and Mamun Mia used to roam with Sahid Chowdhury. 

“So, we demanded CBI, NIA investigation in that case but due to Manik Sarkar’s pressure on Central Govt and lack of proper investigation and denial of NIA, CBI the nexus is yet to be cracked", said Ratan lal Nath to while talking to TIWN on Thrusday evening. "From Election work to meetings of CPI-M; all were attended by Mamun Mia. But with a temporary eye wash of Sahid’s sacking the matter was dumped to cold storage by Chief Minister", said Nath.

Sahid Chowdhury arranged a rented house in Ramnagar which belongs to Chief Minister Manik Sarkar’s relative for Mamun Mia in Agartala, helped Bangladeshi terrorist in getting Permanent Resident Certificate and Passport. Sahid Chowdhury and his wife were frequent visitors in Mamun’s rented shelter ( also CM ManiK Sarkar’s relative house) in Agartala.

"So questions raise, how come a HUJI Terrorist Mamun Mia can live in Manik Sarkar’s relative’s house without Manik Sarkar’s knowledge and consent ???" Nath questioned.

Its West Bengal Police CID team which tracked HUJI terrorist Mamun Miah’s nexus with Minister Sahid Chowdhury, arrested Maun Miah on March 27, 2008; otherwise Manik Sarkar’s Tripura Police wouldn’t have touched this HUJI terrorist and his relative Minister Sahid Chowdhury.

TIWN Comment on MLA Ratan Lal Nath's direct accusation to Manik Sarkar, Sahid Chowdhury for involvement in anti-national actitvities

In its party mouthpiece located at CPI-M's Melarmath Party Office, also de-facto editor Gautam Das (who himself being interrogated by CBI in Rose Valley Chit Fund scam), Tripura Minority Welfare Minister Sahid Chowdhury has condemned TIWN’s (Tripura Infoway) news publication on BSF Dipak Mandal's murder as TIWN hit the organized smuggling rackets in Sonamura which are directly under Sahid Chowdhury’s patronage.

TIWN news hit the CM for not condemning BSF Officer's murder by cattle smugglers and exposing the free den of smugglers, terrorists at Sonamura under Sahid Chowdhury's area and Manik Sarkar's Dhanpur constituency.

However, TIWN is determined exposure of criminal elements, identifying the anti-nationalist elements of India and to clean the garbage from the country, which has reaped the country like cancer since its pre-independence and Sahid Chowdhury's history will be repeated again and again to let the public to acknowledge about anti-nationalist residing in political disguise. 

If talking about CBI, NIA - CPI-M and Congress both link CBI with Central ruling party and now a days in fear of CPI-M leaders impending arrests under Rose Valley scams, CPI-M has titled CBI as Modi's right hand but in Congress era also CPI-M never preferred CBI or NIA to investigate in sensitive terrorist cases, where CPI-M leaders like Sahid Chowdhury were involved.

Only one Mamun Mia was caught, how many more terrorists work under Sahid Chowdhury ?

TIWN demands full fledged NIA, CBI investigation against Minister Sahid Chowdhury for his direct involvement with Mamun Mia type Pakistan’s ISI, Bangladesh HUJI terrorists, narcotics & arms smuggling.

TIWN will be sending a formal letter to Union Home Ministry to hand over HUJI Terrorist Mamun Mia case to NIA, CBI and investigate Minister Sahid Mia’s nexus with underground mafia empire.

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