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RPA National Journalism Award 2018: Tripura's First FAKE National Award Ceremony by Press Club Fraudsters
Sanjay Majumder
RPA National Journalism Award  2018: Tripura's First FAKE National Award Ceremony by Press Club Fraudsters
PHOTO : FAKE National Award : RPA National Journalism Award on 26th June, 2018 at Agartala Press Club

Judiciary’s bold steps puncturing JUMLA CM Biplab Deb’s corrupt coterie as Court hit Biplab Deb’s Media Mafia very hard by cancelling illegal occupation of Agartala Press Club.

On Thrusday, Oct 11, 2018, a Court Order dismissed Illegal Committee of Agartala Press Club formed  by  Biplab Deb’s Media Mafia, specifically led by Pranab Sarkar, Biswendu Bhattacherjee , which is a shame in Tripura’s media world.

Senior Journalists Sitangshu Ranjan Dey, Prashanta Chakraborty filed a petition against the farcical election conducted by Pranab Sarkar (Pranab Sarkar captured Press Club under direct instruction allegedly by Biplab Deb).

As Judiciary and Senior Journalists exposed Biplab Deb’s media mafia, so TIWN is exposing a shameful crime by Pranab Sarkar, Biswendu Bhattacharjee gang in collaboration with a known fraudster Rakesh Debnath of Udaipur.

Pranab Sarkar, Biswendu Bhattacharjee operated in criminal manner to get rid of Press Club’s elected members, so first they issued physical threats against elected body after Biplab Deb won power on 3rd March,2018. Due to constant threats and verbal abuse, Press Club Elected Body vacated premises on March 25,2018.

After Elected body left due to threat, Pranab Sarkar hired crooks from all corners to build his Press Club mafia, also continued daily photo shoots with Chief Minister so that everyone thinks that Pranab Sarkar is super-powerful figure in Tripura’s media.

But that was not enough, Pranab & Biswendu needed wide publicity for their hidden talents as no national or state organization conferred any award on them. So they needed a public acceptance of newly gained Press Club Secretary and Vice President Status.

So, Pranab Sarkar consulted with a known crook, a fraudster Rakesh Debnath who is well known in Udaipur circles for his various fake medals, fake awards since a decade. These fake medals, fake awards helped Rakesh Debnath to establish as an intellectual like Pranab Sarkar, Biswendu Bhattacharjee.

In June’2018 1st week, Pranab Sarkar and Rakesh Debnath planned to organize a FAKE National Award Ceremony, they named it ‘RPA National Journalism Award 2018’ Ceremony which was held on 25th June, 2018 at Agartala Press Club.

Pranab Sarkar utilized Rakesh Debnath’s expertise in arranging FAKE Award ceremony so that all parties are glorified.

So, Rakesh Debnath overnight turned Secretary & Convener of RPA National Journalism Award 2018’ and Rakesh’s another known accomplice in fraud from his Kolkata’s rented residence named Anup Bardhan acted as Secretary of this fictitious organization “Reporters & Photograpghers Association India”.

Next Pranab Sarkar and Rakesh Debnath identified all reputed Media outlets in Tripura and sent invitations announcing that they were chosen for RPA National Journalism Award 2018. Majority of those FAKE prizes were kept for Pranab Sarkar.

Surprisingly to make their FAKE National Award look authentic, they also selected TIWN (Tripura Infoway News) as Tripura’s best web media and sent invitation.

But TIWN Journalists did some background investigation and found that no such  organization “Reporters & Photograpghers Association India” registered in Kolkata, neither Association exists anywhere in Bengal or Tripura, or has any office other than mobile numbers of fraudsters Rakesh Debnath and Anup Bardhan.

Also  Reporters & Photograpghers Association India  has no office address, registration number or any past activities anywhere 

So, TIWN declined to attend the FAKE National Award Ceremony. Also TV Channels like Vangard, Officials like S.Prabhu also didn’t attend this FAKE Award ceremony.

However, Tripura’s other media outlets like Dainik Sambad and others fell in this trap, attended this fictitious Award Ceremony and received FAKE RPA National Journalism Award from none other than fraudsters Rakesh Debnath and Anup Bardhan. In order to make this award ceremony look dignified, so they invited Ex-Tripura University VC Arunodoy Saha to be in Program.

Rakesh Debnath’s FAKE National Award Ceremony is a chapter of shame in Agartala Press Club’s history.

Now Court ordered dismissal of Pranab Sarkar, Biswendu Bhattacharjee led Illegal occupiers, so hopefully it can be expected that fraudsters will never get chance to fool public and media by organizing FAKE national award.

Rakesh Debnath's FAKE National Award Ceremony Invitation 

Shame on Agartala Press Club’s Illegal occupiers and criminal fraudsters for organizing fictitious RPA National Journalism Award 2018.

Tripura's Journalism Talents like Subir Bhaumik got International Prize, Sujit Chakraborty got Presidant's Medal, Ratnadip Chowdhury got National Award but these Press Club Fraudsters only content with FAKE self-made Awards holding shamelessly.

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