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Biplab's choice of GSG Ayyangar likely to spell doom for BJP Govt
Sanjay Majumder
Biplab's choice of GSG Ayyangar likely to spell doom for BJP Govt
PHOTO : Tripura's MOTORMOUTH and his top pick GSG Ayyangar. TIWN File Photo

Biplab Deb's immaturity & foolishness once again exposed after appointment of India's most corrupt IAS officer GSG Ayyangar as Principal Secretary, Industries & Commerce, IT.

Needless to say, these important departments  Industries & Commerce, IT will soon turn into citadel of all corrupt coterie as various outsider companies will start looting Tripura's money in the name of Industrial development.

As per sources, GSG Ayyangar's appointment infuriated almost all Senior Cabinet Ministers, MLAs, BJP leaders & core supporters.

In 3 &1/2 months record short span of time, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb not only turned himself a ‘Motormouth’ across National & International media, but weekly supply of MASALA (foolish) talk by CM destroyed his ‘Youth Icon’ image beyond repair.

From ‘Internet in Mahabharat Era’, ‘Diana Hayden unfit for Miss World’, ‘Civil Engineers should join Civil service, not Mechanical Engineers’, ‘Satellite, Sanjay, Dhritarastra’ etc and many more foolish talks proved that Biplab Deb is unfit to lead BJP Govt in Tripura.

No other Chief Minister in India’s history labeled such a fool by public, national media for destroying his own image, as well tarnishing BJP’s national image for non-stop rubbish uttering.

Tripura BJP’s Cabinet Ministers, MLAs, senior leaders in private expressing their frustrations for such an abrupt degradation of BJP’s image due to Biplab Deb’s non-stop foolish talks.

Due to Biplab’s arrogant and foolish style of running Govt, BJP Ministers, Senior Party leaders expressing resentments and discussing for an immediate replacement by someone well respected like Dy CM Jishnu Debbarman as next Chief Minister and Health Minister Sudip Barman as next Deputy CM so that both these dignified personalities can save Tripura BJP from further erosion of public support base.

Jishnu Devvarman already proved a Chief Minister material by smartly managing his Ministry and Media –also Sudip Barman handled Health Ministry like a Statesman.

With ton of upcoming challenges for BJP Govt like over 7 lakhs unemployment, 10323 Teachers issue, Healthcare, 7th pay commission, balancing IPFT- Tipraland issue etc - a dumb cannot do justice to Tripura's Governance.

Inside BJP, also among anti-CPI-M officials, heavy resentments brewing to liberate State Govt from Biplab Deb’s close coterie -  which are all CPI-M spies like Dilip Roy (relative of Rosevally tainted Gautam Das).

Biplab Deb’s failure to behave like a Statesman, lack of basic general knowledge, failure to keep CPI-M spies away from BJP Govt, failure to establish Modi type discipline and tight grip on administration already leading State Govt to hopeless direction.

So, if BJP’s top leadership  Amit Shah, Ram Madhav, Sunil Deodhar want to save State BJP’s public support base from further erosion then they must replace Biplab Deb with someone like Jishnu Debbbarman to restore public faith on urgent basis – otherwise CPI-M spies around Biplab will weaken BJP Govt so that political gains goes to opposition CPI-M.

In spite of plenty of available senior most honest IAS officers of Tripura cadre, India’s one of the most corrupt IAS officer GSG Ayyangar all set to grab within 6 months  Chief Secretary’s post only due to backings from Telugu Brahmin Lobby in Delhi. GSG Ayyangar and BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav not only Telugu Brahmins originated from Andhra Pradesh’s coastal region but they are also part of Delhi’s Telugu Brahmin powerful Lobby. 

From confirmed sources TIWN learnt that, in March 4th week after BJP's win,  GSG Ayyangar approached BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav for Tripura Chief Secretary’s post as new BJP Govt took charge under Biplab Deb.

GSG Ayyangar’s corruption was so deep rooted that erstwhile Andhra Pradesh Govt kicked out this Thief from Singareni Colliery Director’s Post, MCH (Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad) Commissioner’s post after massive Rs 8 crores streetlight timer scam.GSG Ayyangar’s corruption was so deep rooted that erstwhile Andhra Pradesh Govt kicked out this Thief from Singareni Colliery Director’s Post, MCH (Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad) Commissioner’s post after massive Rs 8 crores streetlight timer scam.

Presently appointed as Principal Secretary Industry, IT,  earlier Resident Commissioner of Tripura Bhavan Delhi, GSG Ayyangar already charmed Chief Minister Biplab Deb during CM’s multiple meetings in March/April 2018 with Central Ministers.

From confirmed sources, TIWN learnt that BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav pushed GSG Ayyangar’s candidature for Principal Secretary's post as a first step towards Chief Secretary’s post – which is quite contrast, also against the ethical values of saffron party.

Just like every Thief and corrupt officials like former DGP Nagraj(now head of SIPARD), former Chief Secretary S.K.Panda – so corrupt IAS officer GSG Ayyangar was rehabilated in Tripura after expulsion from Andhra Govt.

Back in July,2017 in a major setback to the Manik Sarkar Govt, Union Home Secretary Rajiv Mehrishi directed Tripura Chief Secretary Sanjeev Ranjan to ask the CPI-M Govt to immediately revert former DGP K Nagaraj to the rank of inspector general. Nagaraj has been facing CBI probe, Vigilance Probe in a disproportionate assets case during his tenure in CRPF at Hyderabad.

It is no secret that CPI-M Party is strictly controlled by Brahmins lobby Sitaram Yechury (Telugu Brahmin), Prakash Karat (Malayali Brahmin). Apart from that CPI-M Politburo’s 90% members are Brahmin…from Suryakant Mishra to Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee.

Telugu Brahmin Ram Madhav recommended fellow Telugu Brahmin GSG Ayyangar’s  name to Biplab Deb – Chief Minister Biplab Deb already asking senior IAS officers that GSG Ayyangar is frontrunner for Chief Secretary’s Post. In spite of strong protests from State’s honest IAS officers and few Senior Ministers, its just a matter of time that most likely GSG Ayyagar’s name will be announced as Tripura’s next Chief Secretary.

GSG Ayyangar not only close with former CM Manik Sarkar but involved in various wrongdoings of CPI-M Govt – so if Ayyangar becomes Chief Secretary then Rose Valley to Manik Sarkar Govt’s scams will never see light of the day. It might me a secret understanding between Sitaram Yechury, Manik Sarkar and Ram Madhav.

During his earlier deputation term on inter-cadre deputation, Dr. Ayyangar, was repatriated to the state over his alleged involved in the timers scandal, which rocked the municipal administration department of Hyderabad.

This massive corruption when Dr. GSG was in the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad and was reportedly responsible for purchasing the timers used for street lights at an exorbitant price compared to market rates.

Also massive corruption took place while Dr. Ayyangar was working as Director, personnel and administration, Singareni Collieries Company Limited.  

An IAS officer of 1987 batch Manipur-Tripura cadre, Dr. GSS was one of the most favoured and confidant officer of Chief Minister Sarkar during his earlier stint in the state.

GSG Ayyangar's various corruptions details in National Media:

Hyd Timer scandal in Details in Times of India news : 

HYDERABAD: The government has repatriated the services of GSG Ayyangar, IAS, who is allegedly involved in the timers scandal, which rocked the municipal administration department. 
Ayyangar, who is from Manipur-Tripura cadre is on inter-cadre deputation to the state and presently working as director, personnel and administration, Singareni Collieries Company Limited. 
Ayyangar was in the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad and was reportedly responsible for purchasing the timers used for street lights at an exhobribitant price compared to market rates. 

Times of India news on Timer Scandal :

Timer scandal: Probe nails 4 IAS officers

HYDERABAD: The Vigilance & Enforcement V&E) probe into the timer scandal has nailed four IAS officers — G S G Ayyangar, P Sisodia, Lingaraju Panigrahi and P K Mohanty — and three engineers. 

The probe was initiated after the government ordered an inquiry into the purchase of 7,002 timer devices at an exorbitant price of Rs 8.12 crore by the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad.

The V&E has in its report, submitted to the government on Monday, recommended booking criminal cases against Ayyangar recently repatriated to his parent Tripura cadre) and Sisodia (currently Nalgonda collector) under the Prevention of Corruption Act. It has left it to the government to initiate suitable action against Panigrahi now commissioner, small savings) and Mohanty (principal secretary to CM). 

Both Ayyangar and Sisodia worked as additional commissioners, Mohanty was the commissioner and special officer of MCH, while Panigrahi was secretary in the municipal administration department when the scam took place (1999- 2002). 

It was found that both Ayyangar and Sisodia favoured three companies — S R Communications, Siri Communications and Krishna Engineering Works — and placed orders worth Rs 8 crore. All the three companies belonged to C V N Rao and his family and only one person laisioned with the MCH. 

Ayyangar had not brought on record the offer of another firm which promised to supply the devices at a cheaper rate. Sisodia, who replaced Ayyangar, also was accused of not considering a proposal of the competitor. He placed orders worth Rs 4 crore. The two officers changed the notings in the file to eliminate the competing firm. 

The Hindu news on GSG Ayyangar scams

Names of 10 IAS officers disclosed

Hyderabad: The State government on Tuesday disclosed names of ten officers from the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) against whom Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) recommended action.

N.V. Ramana of the High Court wanted the government to file an affidavit to the effect that there were no more such cases and adjourned the matter.

The judge was dealing with a writ petition filed by Shafiquzzaman, also an IAS officer.

The petitioner had earlier approached the department concerned under the Right to Information Act seeking the names of officers against whom the ACB had launched proceeding and how the government had dropped all the action.The officers whose names were disclosed on Tuesday are as follows: Vinod Kumar G. Agarwal, G. Narendranath, S. Bhale Rao, R.S. Goel, Priyadarshi Dash, B. Narasiah, B. Krupanandam, D. Varaprasad, D.R. Garg, and G.S.G. Ayyangar.


Even God cannot help Biplab Deb if he continues to promote this corrupt IAS officer in BJP Govt.

If Tripura's immature CM appoints finally GSG Ayyangar as Chief Secretary, then after appointing a corrupt OSD(Officer on Special Duty) Dilip Roy- Tripura's future is bleak in the hand of these career corrupt  officials. Not only that, someday these corrupt officials will create corruption pits which even may pull Biplab Deb into diaster.

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