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Deodhar, Biplab’s Political immaturity may cost BJP 2018 Election
Dibyendu Roy
Deodhar, Biplab’s Political immaturity may cost BJP 2018 Election
PHOTO : Sunil Deodhar, Biplab Deb's regular Delhi sojourns fail to bring actions against Manik Sarkar Govt. TIWN File Photo

Tripura is suffering from Communist ‘mis-rule’ over 3 decades with no respite in sight even though BJP positioned itself as State’s main opposition.

Unfortunately for Tripura people, neither State BJP has a strong leader like Modi nor someone like Assam’s Sarbananda Sonowal to inspire masses to defeat Manik Sarkar’s CPI-M.

Even though Marathi BJP leader Sunil Deodhar camped in Tripura since 2 years as  Virtual‘Nanny’ to State BJP’s non-resident Delhi based President Biplab Deb, inspite of continuous ‘diaper-change’ and 'spoonfeedings' of political steps but question remains is …did Biplab develop any effective leadership skills ?

A side by side highlight of issues & actions, vis-à-vis by Manik Sarkar’s CPI-M and Sunil Deodhar’s Tripura BJP will expose political immaturity by BJP leadership in Tripura.

10323 Teachers recruitment scam

On March 29,2017 after Tripura Govt’s 10323 Teachers recruitment case defeat in Supreme Court, BJP State President on same day evening declared in a Press meet at Agartala that BJP will file a case in High Court for immediate HC monitored CBI investigation.

On March 29,2017 even Biplab Deb said in Press Conference at BJP Party office " Because of the corruption of Manik Sarkar & Co Hon'ble Supreme Court today dismissed the jobs of 10323 teachers jobs upholding the Tripura High Court's judgement of 7th May 2014. We will very soon file Writ Petition in the High Court demanding CBI probe against Chief Minister Manik Sarkar and other corrupt officials , who are the culprits of the irregularities involved in the recruitment of these teachers' jobs,".

Biplab Deb also said ," Our (BJP) national leaders have already been informed and accordingly our leaders will take further steps. "

Biplab Deb further said  ," If the Chief Minister of Haryana Om Prakash Chautala and his son are now behind the bars why not Chief Manik Sarkar and Education Minister  Tapan Chakraborty !" Biplab  said  the Chief Minister of Haryana state was found guilty along with his son due to gross irregularities, the same holds true for Manik Sarkar and Tapan Chakraborty.

On December 2017 the question remains – What was done by BJP so far in High Court for CBI investigation ?  

Answer is > ZERO  - nothing was done by Biplab Deb or his ‘Nanny’ Sunil Deodhar.

Rose Valley Chit Fund Scam

With tons of documental evidence to official records, it is no secret that Rose Valley Chit Fund scam duped Tripura’s lakhs of poor investors over Rs 1500 crores.

Manik Sarkar led CPI-M Govt distributed prime Govt lands at throwaway prices to Gautam Kundu’s Rose Valley, even donated a large chunk of land to construct Rose Valley Park in Amtali.

From CPI-M’s Gautam Das, Bijita Nath to Manik Sarkar’s various close coteries were actively involved in Rose Valley’s muticrore ponzi scam.

Manik Sarkar’s pet IPS officer CBI Joint Director Rajib Singh (who was earlier IGP of Tripura Police) was spearheading Sarada, Rose Valley Chit Fund investigations – even Rajib Singh arrested Bengal Minister Madan Mitra for being brand ambassador of Sarada but in Tripura’s case – Rajib Singh completely kept himself blind-folded.

CBI from the beginning took no interest in Tripura CPI-M’s business partner Rose Valley’s  Chit Fund scam. Instead CBI officials asked State Police to assign few officers to CBI’s investigative work so that all key evidences can be wiped off to protect Manik Sarkar’s Government.

Naturally question arise from 2014 that …..what Tripura BJP did after Modi Govt took over Central Govt and Union Home Ministry controlled CBI ???

Back in 2014, former State BJP President Sudhindra Dasgupta literally cried  in frustration at TIWN Agartala office with bunch of files containing evidences against Manik Sarkar Govt for direct patronage to Rose Valley Chit Fund scam – but in  Delhi BJP HQ – no one starting from Amit Shah to down cared to proceed for any CBI actions against Manik Sarkar Govt.

When Sunil Deodhar took over reins of Tripura BJP 2 years back, people alongwith BJP’s core supporters were cheered up with tall promises of proper CBI investigation but so far other than few low level CBI officer visits – nothing happened.

Sunil Deodhar, Biplab Deb spent lakhs of rupees BJP party money to fly from Agartala to Delhi to meet Home Minister Rajnath Singh but miserably failed to convince Home Minister to initiate any proper CBI investigation targeting Manik Sarkar Government in last 2 years.

Every weekly travels to Delhi from Agartala helps Sunil Deodhar and Biplab Deb meeting their home & family members (as their family live sin Delhi) but how it helps Tripura BJP politically of no actions taken by Central Govt ?

After 2 years, Sunil Deodhar proven beyond doubt that neither Amit Shah or Rajnath Singh cares for any actions in Tripura as Deodhar holds little clout in Delhi.

Just like former BJP Chief Sudhindra Dasgupta, Biplab Deb, Sunil Deodhar type politicians carry none or little influence in Delhi.

Tripura public aware that Biplab Deb is a kid in politics as his entry was purely his wife’s blessings as she comes from a prominent RSS family but how come Sunil Deodhar unable to push Central Govt for some real actions on Manik Sarkar Govt.

Sunil Deodhar’s much hyped book against Manik Sarkar

In 2017 June 21, Sunil Deodhar published a book against Manik Sarkar but due to fear of CPI-M or some unknown reasons best known to him – Book was released in Mumbai by Maharastha CM, that too book was written in Marathi – Deodhar made sure that no one can read it in Tripura so it was not published in Bengali or Kokborok.

Not even a month back Sunil Deodhar organized his NGO’s “My Home India” program at Bangalore to woo Tripura people even though hardly anyone from Bangalore will visit Tripura to cast electoral votes.

Journalist Murders – Santanu Bhowmik, Sudip Datta Bhowmik

Two Journalists murdered in Tripura in a span of last 60 days, even though State BJP organized mass rallies and protests but where is action from BJP’s central govt ?

Sunil Deodhar led State BJP must remember the fact that Central Govt is run by BJP – Tripura people expect central action, not mere loud outbursts.

When Journalist Gauri Lankesh was murdered in Bangalore – immediately Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh called Karnataka Chief Minister seeking details, applied pressure on Chief Secretary, DGP but in Tripura’s case – not even a single call from Central Ministers warning Chief Minister Manik Sarkar or his coterie ?

Isn’t it State BJP’s failure to influence Union Home Ministry for immediate actions ???

Sources inside BJP reported that Sunil Deodhar, Biplab Deb suffering from high egos with the day-dreams like BJP already won 2018 Assembly Election.

Biplab Deb already behaving like Tripura's de-facto Chief Minister with his Nawabi styles & Y category VIP security even before winning a single election in his life..

CPI-M’s organizational strength is no match for BJP’s new leaders which State BJP’s immature leadership will realize after 2018 Assembly Election is over.

Sunil Deodhar said in public meetings since beginning of 2017 – “Modiji char bar aayenge” (PM Modi will visit Tripura 4 times before 2018 Assembly Election) – as 2017 is ending and election is nearby – now whether Modi will visit once or not is a big question mark. These false promises are signs of political immaturity.

Sunil Deodhar's loud mouthed promises and endless outbursts are not transforming into actions on ground for State BJP.

As per political analysts, State BJP’s immature leadership failed to capitalize on every major corruption of Manik Sarkar Government - in other words CPI-M derived politcal benefits due to lack of strong opposition.

In 2018 Assembly Election, if BJP wins by a miracle then it will be due to public mass anger vented out by three decades of deprivation by CPI-M  like in West Bengal– otherwise if it loses election then it will be due to State BJP’s immature leadership and loud-mouthed whinings.

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