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Rohingya Terrorists & CPI-M's Anti-National Politics
Anirban Mitra
Rohingya Terrorists & CPI-M's Anti-National Politics
PHOTO : Sonamura CPI-M supporter Muslim mob demanding Rohingyas entry into India. TIWN Pic Sep 2017

Union Home Ministry submitted secret report to SC on Sep 18,2017 that IB, RAW unearthed CPI-M, TMC backed criminal network in Tripura, Bengal mainly engaged in illegal Voter ID,PAN card racket to convert Rohingya Terrorists as Indian citizens.

Union Govt said many Rohingya have "illegally" got voter identity cards and PAN cards, and some are "using the 'hawala' route to raise money for illegal activities" due to active political backing in Tripura and West Bengal.

In its 15 page affidavit, filed in the SC on a plea by the Rohingya against their deportation, the Centre hinted that the SC shouldn't interfere in executive policy dealing with illegal Rohingya migrants+ .

Still, there was an impressive line up of eminent lawyers present in the SC who appeared for the Rohingya refugees and against their deportation. They included Fali Nariman, Kapil Sibal, Rajeev Dhawan, Colin Gonsalves, Ashwani Kumar and Prashant Bhushan.

As well, the SC refused a plea to issue a notice to the National Human Rights Commission, which publicly supported the Rohingya Muslims and said it would argue against their deportation.

Union Govt in its affidavit firmly argued for deporting the Rohingya refugees

It contended that the organised Rohingya Muslim influx started in 2012 and added that there are around 40,000 such refugees in the country currently. It reiterated the home ministry's comments that the "presence of illegal Rohingya Muslims in India is not only a drain on India's resources but also a serious security threat to country."

A plea filed in the SC by two Rohingya immigrants, Mohammad Salimullah and Mohammad Shaqir, who are registered refugees under the United Nations High Commission of Refugees, stated that their deportation "would be in contradiction with the Principle of Non-Refoulement, which has been widely recognized as a principle of Customary International Law".

Union Govt said on Monday that the right to residence is available to citizens and not illegal migrants like the Rohingya.

CPI-M in Tripura, TMC in Bengal doing their best to appease Rohingya Muslims so that terrorist money and vote bank both will help these anti-national parties.

Manik Sarkar led CPI-M Govt's multiple Ministers like Shahid Chowdhury actively involved into cross-border smugglings, arm-dealings with various ISI, HUJI operatives like Mamoon Mia who was nabbed from Minister Shahid Chowdhury's official residence.

Tripura needs NIA (National Investogation Agency) probe to unearth links among various CPI-M leaders, Ministers and Banladesh based ISI, HUJI operatives.

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