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Human life beyond Politics
Mrinal Banik Journalist
Human life beyond Politics
PHOTO : Pathetic condition at Tripura's hilly areas as inhabitants drinking polluted water. TIWN File Photo

Politics has became part and parcel of our life , from the time immemorial certain political developments has written the plot of social, Economical and communal changes throughout the country. Though , Tripura was not a part of India during the high profile political explosions, it could not let itself separate from the chronological upbringing of Indian politics.

After the inclusion of Tripura in Indian it never get its exact place on the India political. Indian National Congress and CPI-M ruled veterans of Tripura for a long period except looking into their basic needs.

When we concentrate on the appropriate conditions of rural livelihood like the places Dagaicherra, Dhumacherra, Ashajay para and many more tribal categorized areas scattered in each and every corner of the state the unexpected truth of negligence came into existence before us.

The strong and Sharp protest of tribal communities under the supervision of some irrational activists is not a matter a day or two but an accrued explosion of accumulated inadvertence towards the crowned dominance. In such a condition when assembly polls are knocking at the front doors other political groups are assembled to buttoned their voice initiating alliance proposals.

Moreover, BJP the with largest membership in the world which also asserts to be the party with best governance ever has also emerged in the holy state of Tripura rendering a large fraction of politically deprived people but, their resemblance is also not so likely among the people because , their emergence also declaimed some serious issues affecting communal harmony throughout the country the state.

Now, the biggest matter of concern is that as a citizen of the peaceful state Tripura what would be the the clear estimation for the daily working class . A person who leads a family life in such a state withe very narrow opportunities of income does really has the need of political assimilation?

The most effective victims of the political battles are the people living in the remote areas of the state. Backward classes dependent on MGNREGA wages , daily labour and other hardships are the targets of political leaders but no enthusiastic steps were  taken to upgrade their lifestyle providing the availability of their basic circumstantial necessities. Only oral commitments are the relying principal for them.

Every political group is ready to fight against each other but , their instrumental quarrel is not only widening political - phobia but also forcing people to live under the shadow of communal and interparty terror.

Weeks back  a severe political clash took place at Manpathar under Bir Chandra Manu where people were injured following which commonality  of both the parties are eagerly preparing for some more actions but effect could be seen on the market where Ratnabasi Mog , a jhumia in profession could not sell his fresh vegetables due to which he could not bought medicines for his two years old girl suffering from acute fever.

Now, it is the time to decide what is more important between politics and human livelihood ? Is it too difficult to construct a society where people are considered as civilians of the state not as members of saffron or red agendas? Today people are starving in rustic areas due to unpredictable shrewd atmosphere, where  we the youth of the state are indulged in antagonisms not knowing the accurate friend or foe.

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