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Agartala Flooding 2017 : Manik's blind vision, AMC's corruption
Arun Chakraborty
Agartala Flooding 2017 : Manik's blind vision, AMC's corruption
PHOTO : Hoody clad, empty handed Manik Sarkar's dilemma filled moments during Agartala floodings in Aug 2017

CPI-M Govt's foolishness in closing Agartala's drainage system raises the important question whether Manik Sarkar Govt blindly follow bureaucrats whims & fancies or these semi-literate, mostly High school 12th pass CPI-M Ministers are capable of taking right decisions. CPI-M Govt's self-made crisis of clogging drains, Agartala flooding caused 5 lives in Tripura capital.

Present Chairman of Tripura Skill Development Mission & Former Chief Secretary S.K.Panda’s tenure 2010-14 recorded the wrong decision of cement covering of all City drains, Tripura Govt sent AMC CEO Kiran Gitte to Singapore in 2011 to learn City planning.  

Chief Minister Manik Sarkar’s most trusted Chief Secretary Sanjay Kumar Panda’s tenure 2010-14 of 4 years produced Tripura’s one after another massive scams from 10323 Teachers recruitment scam to MGNREGA to NHM to RMSA scams to Panda’s ‘One plus One Eleven’ books scam by using Central Govt RMSA funds. Also during S.K.Panda’s tenure in 2011, Panda prevailed upon Manik Sarkar to permit another tainted IAS officer Kiran Gitte to visit Singapore with family in the name of learning “City Planning, Urban Development”. AMC CEO Kiran Gitte upon return from Singapore alongwith Panda wrongly advised Chief Minister to initiate tasks to cement cover all city drains. Due to Panda, Gitte’s wrong decisions, all city drains clogged with garbage as drains sealed so water is flooding the streets.

Heavy rain over the Augusts month coupled with clogged drainage system has caused terrible difficulties for Agartala people as they have to face water logging on the roads, and are exposed to outbreak of diseases as the rain has flooded their houses. 

Pet IAS officials like Kiran Gitte and Manik’s close IAS officers known for high bootlicking skills have already enjoyed multiple foreign trips along with their family in the name of AMC (Agartala Municipal Corporation) and eye catching subjects like “Urban Development”, revamping sewage systems etc by wasting Govt. money.

At the end, all they did is closing all drains open tops with concrete covering so that AMC need not clean mud, soil, and garbage from drains. As a result, after little rain, clogging drains force water flooding the streets and roads turn into drains.

Many IAS officials like Kiran Gitte went Singapore, foreign countries for the namesake of learning City planning, Drainage system lessons but nothing was done. These IAS officials had no problem in fooling dumb heads like Manik Sakar to ensure their foreign vacations.

AMC (Agartala Municipal Corporation) over aged Mayor Dr. Prafullajit Sinha is unable to control the present higher officials in city planning and revamping drainage systems.

AMC in conjunction with PWD turned Agartala city a nightmare for residents.

"We are facing a lot of problems, children are not able to go to their schools, and even office goers are facing difficulties. Moreover, insects and other slimy creatures have started coming out," said Mousumi Roy, another resident.

After a splash of rain, rainwater enters parts of the city, businesses heavily affected Orient Chowmuhani,Sakuntala Road, RMS Chowmuhani,Banamalipur, Town Pratapgarh  and has badly affected city businesses. People living in the low lying areas complained that the slightest of downpour can flood their houses due to lack of infrastructure facilities. 

On the third day of Agartala flood the death toll has increased to five as hapless people dying. After a 15 years boy was electrocuted to death, with another tragic incident one 11 years girl's dead body was recovered at Pratapgarh from river Howrah. 

A 22 years boy named Suman Sarkar has been flown with high waved flood water. Suman Sarkar (22) resident of Ranir Barar's Bridhhanagar went to catch fishes from there but suddenly he was flown with the flood water. Apart from life losses, massive damages were reported from various corners of the Capital Agartala. Houses were collapsed along with huge losses of crops experienced by the farmers. 

On Sunday, Aug 13, 2017, when the rain has come to a pause the pictures in the relief camps were different since the knocking hours of CM's visit, whereas in other days of media coverage 80 years old men/ women were found lying on the floors without any basic facilities. Public also alleged that, during the main danger hours the Disaster Management had left with 7 boats for the whole city led some people to take shelter on the ceilings. Thus with the flood hours the state govt has shown its negligence with the no preparedness for emergency times.

Strangely nowhere in Tripura is under flooding except Agartala as city residents paying price for Manik Sarkar, S.K.Panda, Kiran Gitte’s foolish decisions of cement covering of City drains.

Manik Sarkar's blind vision caused irresponsible damage to Tripura in 24 years which will takes decades to repair if BJP can win elections in 2018.

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