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Rio Olympic 2016 : Can Dipa Karmakar bring Olympic Gold Medal?
Binode Kripalani, Numerologist
Rio Olympic 2016 : Can Dipa Karmakar bring Olympic Gold Medal?
PHOTO : Tripura's pride Dipa Karmakar being felicitated at TIWN Agartala office with Rs 25000/- draft by TIWN on August 9,2014 after winning Commonwealth Medal.

India reknowned Numerologist Binode Kripalani from Kolkata communicated to Tripura's most popular online news media (TIWN) and predicted that, as per numerology calculations, Tripura's pride Dipa Karmakar will win Olympic Gold in upcoming Rio Olympics.


Can Dipa Karmakar bring Ria Olympic Gold Medal?

Hence to know the facts and figure as per Numerology, which is again only branch of Astrology.

Today’s 19th April, 2016 important sports news is “Dipa Karmakar  : Date of birth: 9-8-1993:

 “India Qualify for the Olympics Gymnastic.” After 52 years.

Dipa had started her career in Gymnastic from the age 6 years only. Born and bought up in Agartalla (Tripura). Having had collected numbers of Medal in National and International championships.

Let us judge her career as per Numerology. Step by step.

STEP no. 1

D I P A     K A R M A K A R

4 1 8 1     2 1 2 4 1 2 1 2 =29  this is the compound number (Moon and Mars), single number 2+9=11; this is very auspicious number for further growth and achievement.

Furthering reducing to 1+1= 2 Moon Number.

Since she is just 22 years old, her first name will be more prominent, to achieve her Target.

STEP No. 2

Her first name is DIPA=4181=14, Compound number of (14= Sun and Rahu) Single number is 1+4=5 Mercury, This planet refers to fast games also, like Running, Gymnastic, etc.

Sky is limit for DIPA, provided she is gets all type of facilities.

She will bring laurel, name and fame? Answer is “Yes”

STEP no 3

Analyzing her name number further.

D=4 Rahu master of fast game, where intelligence is required.

I = 1 Sun, Name and fame, and hard work.

P=8 Saturn, this is the number which help her to achieve name and fame, by dint of her hard work.

A= 1. Sun, Achievement of laurel. This can be Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Furthermore Astrology is Father of Numerology, hence one has to judge from Astrology point of view.

STEP no: 4

Her date of birth is 9-8-1993

Birth number is 9, this belongs to Mars, This gives the inner strength to achieve it target.

Fate number is 9+8+1993 = 39/3; this belongs to Jupiter, One who awards you for your hard work. ‘LIFE TIME ACHEIVEMENT”

The Olympic starts on 5th August, 2016:

Now let us judge the compatibility: A with B:


India =12, 1+2=3.

Dipa =14=1+4=5. (Her first name or call name).

Date of birth is 9-8-1993


RIO-2016 OLYMPIC GAMES: =53/8 Saturn.

Ending on 21-8-2016

RIO-2016 OLYMPIC GAMES starts on 5-8-2016


  • Olympic Starting date 5th = Dipa=14/5
  • Month is 8 = Dipa birth month is also 8.
  • Rio Olympic Games =53,= Dipa birth month again.
  • Ending on 21/3 = India =12/3
  • Fate number is 21-8-2016, 2+1+8+2+1+6 = 20/2
  • This is = DIPA KARMAKAR=29/2
  • Year is 2016=9, = Dipa’s date of birth is also 9th

Taking the above numbers into account we are 100% sure to get the Medal.

Dipa Karmakar with her coach Bisheshwar Nandi, father Dulal Karmakar at TIWN office on August 9.2014

Dipa Karmakar with her coach Bisheshwar Nandi, father Dulal Karmakar at TIWN office on August 9.2014

Dipa Karmakar at TIWN Agartala office on August 9.2014 after winning Commonwealth Games Medal.


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