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Yet another victim of brainwash ! A letter to Kanhaiya
Chandan Debnath
Yet another victim of brainwash ! A letter to Kanhaiya
PHOTO : Brainwasher Yechury and victim Kanhaiya. JNU's love for Afzal Guru.TIWN

An open letter to Kanhaiya Kumar 

I liked the simple, flawless, dramatically and obtrusive speech of Kanhaiya Kumar as he was answering to questions of media persons in a press meet held after he was released from Sangsodhanagar(Jail) in bail.  

Good speaker and what a presence of mind! When someone from press asked him, from what he wants azaadi (freedom)? He replied brilliantly. “I don’t want azaadi from this country; rather want azaadi from Garibi(poverty), Bhukmari(hunger), Jatibad(casteism), and from Sangh. Bah bah bah!  Wow! So nice and eye catching answer !

But what comes in my mind is that ‘Marxism’, of which Kanhaiya is an ardent follower, came to existence in India in 1920 and Marxists so far ruled 3 states of India (though two large states Bengal, Kerala rejected them and only tiny Tripurakeeping mantle alive).

So my question to you Mr. Kanhaiya or Comrade Kanhaiya (whatever may suit to your Marxist/Communist ideology, please forgive me for my little knowledge!), could your communist party establish azaadi from what you are asking now in those states, where it ruled for decades?

There are a handful of countries in the world ruled by communists; could have your so demanding azaadi been established there? Poverty is such a menace; was this realized only by your party?

Congress tried for more than six decades to eradicate poverty; BJP is presently putting its effort to alleviate this.

This is a social evil all we know better and every Government launches so many programmes to overcome from the evil except your Communist Govt ‘coz of “Sarbahara Vote Bank” politics.

For Communist Governments poor are customer only, without poverty or poor you the communist cannot rule or get power. Poor are food for Communist Giant. Without poor this Giant can’t survive.

Then you are talking about Jatibad(casteism)! Your party makes maximum use of casteism in politics only to inflate your vote bank.

First assess & review your own party’s ideology & action plan which is outdated, obsolete, impractical, imbalanced, unequal and irrelevant.

I am a student of Political Science and having been studied in College & University of this communist ruled state, there were, by default, comparatively more doses of Marxism in our brains than usual.

Atleast, the Tripura syllabus was beautifully tailored with layers of Marxism, as much as possible. Production, distribution, socialism, exploitation, inflation, price rise, I read all these with great enthusiasm. I have read, seen and realized the gist of Marxism. Socialism is a fancy word for the Marxists/ Communists not truly practiced by them.

Ultimate outcome of all these is a big ZERO. Hatred, conflicts, bandh, bloodshed- other than these, what you and your party have given to the world? Just look around to realize this truth.

The venom of casteism was injected right from past and the inception of our constitution and the rest was deepened during Nehru’s rule in 1972. This menace is destroying us everyday like termites. However, a little effort with sensibility would have cured us.

And then comes the turn of (blame game) Sangh. You want to free this country from Sangh; well then Vivekananda and Netaji are your enemies as they had appraised Sangh.

Oh! I have forgotten to say that, it’s not a big matter for you ‘coz already Indian prodigies are  compared with dog by your Communist Sangha; they are your enemy while foreign figures are your ideals. It is like calling father-in-law as father while own father is neglected. About Sangh, if you mean it to be RSS then I would say that though they promote Hinduism, but their first priority is supporting India & Indianness. Not like you morons for whom the party is above the country.

I just cannot forget the scene where you and your followers crowned Afzal Guru as your idol.

Indian Judicial System punished such a filthy & dangerous creature like Afzal, but you & your followers organized seminars at JNU charging injustice!

To follow on the matter it is clear that, you had no faith and believe on Indian Law and Judiciary system. After coming out of Sangsodhanagar (Jail) you made a “U” turn, now in every space of sentence you are saying “I should not say anything about the things which are in Judiciary Process. I can’t understand suddenly how your respect and faith grown up for Indian judiciary system. Really Miracle !  

Also another change I have seen in you. You made Rohit Vemula as your Idol in place of Afjal Guru. Bahh! Baah! Bahh! What a stroke! I now have complete faith on Indian “Sangsodhanagar(Jail)” which put rectify atleast a part of your filthy mind set.

I ask you, what you have done for the progress of this country till date? How can you openly & disrespectfully blame or made fun on our honourable Prime Minister Modi?

Height of tolerance seems to be at its highest level only here in this country. Been it the countries like China, North Korea or any other communist ruled country, people like you would have been just shoot at point blank range or have been cut into pieces like sausage. Hope you have not forgotten the “China Shoot Story” on Students in Tainanmen Square. Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar this is India and India’s goodness and also you can say virtue of Indian democracy & Indian people. Really so sad, you have no faith on this type of open hearted, people centric & welfare country like our Nation.

Comrade Kaniya Kumar, if you really wanted azaadi from these, then you can do it in the proper way and by democratic movement. You and your team can force Govt. to take necessary plan and show the proper way of implementation or you the students of Elite University (JNU) can do more things in various way to free the nation from Garibi(poorness). Same here also to stop Jatibaad(Casteism). If Sanghabaad creating problem in nation, then here had another democratic way to protest.

But Kanaiya here the point is, was Afjal guru a freedom fighter? And, was this Afjal Guru fought to give freedom from these three? Haa, Haa, all India and also the world know what he was. Here has no needed to explain brief. So, what you had done in JNU? You organized seminar on the memory of this terrorist and organized rally with anti Indian Slogan. I could not able to write the slogan here. My pen has not that type power to writing these sentences. All are already aware with the blessing of media & Police, Parliament & Court sources.

My country is my heart, my Mother who gives me her lap to sleep, gives me my necessary things to survive. And I know it is not possible for any mother’s to fulfil all necessary or hoping things for her child. If not then shall we talk about to cut our mother into the pieces? Is this the way to show respect or love to our mother? Kanaiya you have any answer?

Ok, I agree with you. You did not announce that type of anti Indian slogan but Omar and his  friends whose mouth were covered with cloths. This is true, isnt it? You already agreed about mater that, there had some students did like that, but they are not you.

Here has a proverb in Bengali; “Annay Je kare annay je sahe taba ghrina tare trina sama dahe.”(Who are doing guilty and who are making silence to seeing the guilty both are same culprit). And as a leader of Student Union in JNU you should aware the mater and needed to do necessary step to stop the anti India slogan & movement. What you were doing at that time? You were sucking your finger that time Kanaiya?

As a youth like you, I appreciate you on the matter that, really you are a good speaker. But the fact is that, if your this speaking quality will not help to united our nation then it has any value. This is God gifted virtue, use this for United the nation not use it to divide our Motherland Kanaiya.

And I noticed that, you tried to influence the media persons by intelligently asking them about the status of their salary paid by the Media owners/company.

This was just another of Communist dirty game of creating a strained relationship between Sramik(Worker) and Malik(Owner). Bandh, Hartal, Chakka jam, unionbaazi- all these are your handy weapons by which you try to restrict & resist development activities, harm economy, make people unproductive. The goodness of Bandh, Hartal, Chakka jam, unionbaazi already people of India had seen in West Bengal over long time communist rule. No need to mention again here.

Communists could never improve the social, economical or cultural status of this country and will never be able to, because of their ideology and plan of action youths like you have been hypnotised by your Communist Gurus (Comrade Dada) who have become mere mortal remains with no sense of self respect and patriotism.

Mind it, for us our Country is first preference not party; communists have no country, no faith on country, they only want power and they always talk of supporting poor people but practically restrict be upliftment of those poor for the fake of their political agenda.

So, needless to say, Kanaiya you are the another victim of commie brainwash !!!

Mr Chandan Debnath holds a Masters Degree in Political Science, an avvid reader of national politicsand a guest writer at TIWN 

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