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Why oppose an alliance !
Subir Bhaumik
Why oppose an alliance !
PHOTO : Mindless stupidity other name of Prakash Karat. TIWN

No CPI(M) or Congress leader or worker in West Bengal will oppose an alliance or atleast a seat sharing understanding between the two parties . They have not and support for the alliance is only growing. But so is the frustration.

Because despite the near total unanimity about an alliance in the Bengal CPI(M), the party's politbureau and central committee seems divided.

CPI(M) general secretary does not seem to be decided which way to go . His heart is in the proposed alliance , his head split between Prakash Karat's equidistance thesis and Gautam Deb's high pitch sabre rattling for the alliance.

Yechury is in Rajya Sabha from West Bengal , Karat somewhere between Moon or Mars , far away from the realities of the country, whose destiny he aspires to influence. Karat still weilds huge influence in the party, which is stuffed with cronies from states where the CPI(M) does not win a gaon panchayat seat. 
The only leader of some significance who supports Karat's contention is Tripura chief minister Manik Sarkar. Sarkar is a pragmatic realist , he has even described former BJP home minister L K Advani the best Home Minister he has ever worked with. While that may be an accurate assessment because Advani was a cut above the likes of Shivraj Patil and Rajnath Singh or even P C Chidambaram , Marxist leaders usually dont say such things about political adversaries.
So why is Sarkar supporting Karat and his outlandish logic that Congress and BJP are one and same ! They are not , despite all the opportunism the Congress has often displayed , the huge burden imposed on it by dynastic control that is clearly out of sync with national realities . The BJP's vision of India is different , the Congress' is closer to the Left's.
Minus the economic policy issues. 
Some Bengal comrades feel Sarkar has led the party to a clear monopoly and does not feel comfortable with the idea of having to share seats with Congress when there is no obvious need for it .
Bengal's situation is different, much different from Tripura though both are Bengali majority states. He perhaps feels his situation is closer to that of the party in Kerala than in Bengal. 
But can't Sarkar realise the need to bring down the Trinamul's crinminal empire ! Can't he see the mischief Mamata Banerjee is playing on the Teesta and other bilateral issues with Bangladesh's Awami League government ! Cant he see that all that Mamata does ends up boosting the anti-Awami alliance specially the Jamaat in Bangladesh and its cohorts in the jihadi underground ! Mamata is playing the US game of trying to destabilise Hasina, sometimes by raising the democracy issue, sometimes by harping on human rights and sometimes on labour rights , sometimes by denying Bangladesh of the much needed GSP and by sheltering all the radicals and Islamists that Hasina's firm action is chasing away across the border . So it is really surprising that  Manik Sarkar, who is so committed to improving relations with Bangladesh and never misses a chance to remind PM Modi of that, is overlooking the importance of Mamata in the arc of mischief promoted by the US in the stretch between Tripura and West Bengal with Bangladesh in between.
If he possesses strategic political sense, which I thought he has , Sarkar would never under-estimate the need to bring down Mamata. It is not just to save his comrades from the relentless persecution but also to eject an important Uncle Sam covert spearhead from the arc of mischief that he should support the alliance between the Left and the Congress.  There is no apparent reason for him to support Karat whose only contribution to the CPI(M)'s fortunes is to bring down its representation in parliament several notches , to miss out on the first ever chance the Communists had to run the national government and to create an agenda for communist politics in planets uninhabited by man.
He has been proved wrong on every major decision he has made -- from pulling the rug under Manmohan;'s feet to promoting Mayawati as PM candidate to pushing the agenda of equidistance. His actions have only helped the Hindutva votaries , the Americans and the radicals in the East . 
Surjya Mishra and Gautam Deb's slogan to removing Modi in Delhi and Didi in Bengal is the best bet for the CPI(M) to challenge the Trinamul in Bengal , if not the BJP in Delhi. 
Posterity witll not forgive Karat for his mindless stupidity and Sarkar for backing him .unless the Tripura Chief Minister changes his mind soon enough .
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