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Dual High Court orders irk LF govt : Left party reeling under High Court fever
Dipak K Chatterjee
Dual High Court orders irk LF govt : Left party reeling under High Court fever
PHOTO : Tripura High Court. TIWN File Photo

It seems the days are not going smoothly for the only left rule govt in the country ever since the establishment of the Agartala High Court in the state in 2013. Troubled by the rulings made by the High Court in various judgements ever since its inception, the left party leaders are cursing their own cherished demand for establishment of a separate high court in the state.

The very fact that the High Court is not under the state government is stopping the government from making any influence on the judges in giving rulings disfavoring the government.

At a time when all the state machineries are being misused by the ruling government according to their whims, it is only the high court which is not singing in its tune. It may be mentioned here that the left party alonwith other political parties of the state demanded establishment of a separate high court for the state of Tripura for decades.

Various mass organizations of the state including various political parties staged dharnas and rallies for a long time demanding the establishment of the separate high court in the state exclusively for the state of Tripura. According to sources in the CPI(M), the party is annoyed with the court orders and are cursing the very process of establishment of the high court in the state as it is acting like a opposition in disguise in the state and finding the misdeeds of the government.

The demand was fulfilled in the year 2013 when the Agartala High Court started functioning from Agartala in  2013. It was established in March 2013, after making suitable amendments in the Constitution of India  and North-Eastern Areas (Re-organisation) Act, 1971.

Fresh in the state, the high court, under the dynamism of Justice Deepak Gupta, the Chief Justice of the High Court along with other justices started taking up cases and took the least possible time to deliver judgements in various cases.

The common people of the state, especially people who belong to the opposite ideology to the left, got the saviour  in the form of the High court to save them from injustices.

The poor and deprived people of the state who were so long unable to go to the high court due to the huge monetary involvement started visiting the high court with their grievances. 

The high court started delivering  judgements against the  government in quick successions creating much difficulty  for the ruling government. Among various judgement disfavouring the government, the  High Court judgement cancelling the apppointment of 10323 on May 7, 2014 created ripples throughout the state and snatched the peaceful sleeps of the ruling left government. The court found anomalies in the interview process adopted by the state government and gave  the judgement after hearing both the sides for considerable period.

The latest orders passed by the high court on Thursday last further worsened the condition of the state Govt. A full bench of the high court gave the ruling that the facilities enjoyed by the SC and ST employees with respect to their promotion in jobs  violated the M Nagaraju case judgement of the Supreme Court of India given in 2006. 

In another judgment given by a division bench comprising Chief Justice Deepak Gupta and Justice Utpalendu Bikash Saha  on the same day, the court gave consent for the formation of a Special Investigation Team(SIT) headed by IG Administration of state Police to investigate the cases in connection with the various chitfund c ompanies. The SIT team has been asked to report to the court about the progress in the investigation on July 2, 2015.

Dipak K. Chatterjee is a Columnist based in Tripura. Views expressed are personal.

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