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Last few days of my Life : Prayer of a silent devotee
Susmita Majumdar
Last few days of my Life : Prayer of a silent devotee
PHOTO : Ashutosh Chakraborty maintaining the tradition of Bhuwaneswari Temple since 40 years.

A silent devotee of Mata Bhwanewswari is worshipping since 40 years, in the Old Royal Palace of Udaipur.In Spring season we celebrate Devi Durga’s coming (aagamani) to the ‘Martya Lok’(Earth).While the essence of the festival is in everywhere, I discovered a 95 years old man Asutosh Chakraborty, resident of Rajnagar,Udaipur and his dedication since 40 years as the priest of Mata Bhuwaneswari Temple of Old Rajbari,Udaipur.

Bhuwaneswari is another name of Goiddes Durga.

In Udaipur, erstwhile capital of Tripura Kingdom, -  a city where royal memories are stacked up over centuries.  

Udaipur also the place where once Govinda Manikya built Mata Bhuwaneswari’s temple. But now this Goddess has gradually become unpopular due to death of the Great Kings.

Bhubaneshwari Temple is located 55 km from Agartala on the eastern fringe of Udaipur town by the bank of bank of river Gomati.  It was built by Maharaja Govinda Manikya (1660–1676). The temple is immortalised in Rabindranath Tagore's famous play known as Bisarjan and Rajarshi. Maharaja Govinda also features an important character in Tagore's play. While approaching Bhubaneshwari Temple one can find the ruins of the palace of the Maharaja. Down below the temple the river Gomati flows.

95 years old Ashutosh Chakraborty told this writer that how once upon a time during the  Durga Puja the surrounding people of this village got together to worship Ma Durga.

This is the hut where once Durga Puja celebrated during Autumn Season

Since many years  this hut has been locked, as no one came to support this Royal and Traditional Festival and thus the Durga Puja has also been stopped here.  

“But all are bygone era now. Before my death, I just want to see the shelter on my mother Bhubaneshwari's  head,” Ashutosh Chakraborty said this while discussing the  last wish of him which is construction of a roof on this present Puja Mandir. 

Roof-less incomplete Temple of Mata Bhuwaneswari; Old man is appealing from a long time for the roof of his mother “Bhubaneshwari’s  home”.

“Since decades many officers came and went. It was Swapan Saha (Former DM of Udaipur), who promised me to complete this new temple of Goddess Bhuwaneswari. DM Swapan Saha started it, but then he was transferred, now Sonal Goel (present DM Gomati Dist.),has also promised me the same thing. 
But promises remain and the people go,but I will request DM Sonal Goel again about her promise on upcoming “Rajarshi Mela”, where she will definitely come as a guest.” said,Sri Ashutosh Chakraborty. send your appreciation and comments pl. send email to or  or post online below
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