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Gold, cash looted from a House in Bishalgarh
TIWN June 18, 2024
Gold, cash looted from a House in Bishalgarh
PHOTO : Gold, cash looted from a House in Bishalgarh. TIWN Pic June 18, 2024

BISHALGARH, June 18 (TIWN): Krishna Debnath's house in Bishalgarh Nawara area was looted by thieves, when Krishna Debnath along with his family members had gone to a close relative's house in the Savanthganj area on Monday late night to attend a function.

A group of thieves broke the door of Krishna Debnath's house and entered.

The thieves broke the showcase’s cupboard and stole 12,000 rupees in cash and of gold ornaments.

Krishna Debnath and his family members were informed by neighbours about the incident.

Getting information, Bishalgarh police went to the spot and started an investigation.

Few footages in CCTV were recovered that might be helpful for the investigation.



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