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Bharat Ratna Club Secretary Vicky Murder Case : ‘Motive of the Crime was CPWD-project negotiations,’ said Police
TIWN June 9, 2024
Bharat Ratna Club Secretary Vicky Murder Case : ‘Motive of the Crime was CPWD-project negotiations,’ said Police
PHOTO : Accused persons produced before court. File.

AGARTALA, June 9 (TIWN): Bharat Ratna Club Secretary Durga Prasanna Deb (Viky) murder case remains under mystery amid police booked a dozen of people. The case is linked to CPW project negotiation and distribution, but the newly appointed Public Prosecutors (PP) Sankar Lodh and Bibhal Nandi already appeared on behalf of some of the accused persons in the past few years. The accused belonged to the ruling BJP party and were charged with kidnapping, threatening and cases at that time, the PPs appeared in court for them.

Still, now the PPs are appearing on the side and thus against the same people which gives a chance for sensitive information sharing about the accused persons in the Vicky murder case. It led the accused persons to appeal to remove the public prosecutors.

NCC Police arrested many of the accused persons in Vicky murder case, whereas many are absconding and the court has recently refused their bail petition and ordered Jail custody till 19th June. The arrested persons are : Bir Chakra Ghosh, Pradhyot Dhar Chowdhury, Sani Saha Roy, Rakesh Barman, Uma Sarkar, Susmita Sarkar. One of the accused persons Rakesh Barman who already demanded the removal of Government prosecutors Sankar Lodh, now sought a new prosecutor appointed to the case Babhal Nandi Majumder.

Talking to media, Advocate Samrat Kar Bhowmik said, “On June 1st, accused Rakesh Barman filed a petition saying, on April 16 Sankar Lodh appeared in High Court in another case. So Rakesh Barman demanded Sankar Lodh should not appear as public prosecutor against both Rakesh Barman and his brother Debabrata Barman. Court had delivered a balance order saying, Sankar Lodh should not appear when these two accused are present.”

“Another public prosecutor Bibhal Nandi Majumder is facing a same allegation. In 2021, Bibhal Nandi Majumder appeared on behalf of two accused persons : Bir Chakra Ghosh and Prabhakar Ghosh. Prabhakar Ghosh is not arrested yet but his name in the FIR of Vicky murder case. The case was about a negotiation of a contract under Usha Bazar CPW office and kidnapping, and threatening like crimes. But court said, that as that case and Vicky murder cases are two different cases, there is no connection between them and allowed Bibhal Nandi Majumder to continue as the prosecutor of the case. But, what appears, Vicky murder case is also linked with similar issues. Our logic was --- as Vicky murder case’s motive (as given by police) was centering CPWD central project negotiations and in 2021 where Bibhal Nandi appeared for these two accused in CPW negotiation case, so there is a link and there is a high chance that due to the first case, many data might have shared with public prosecutor Bibhal Nandi. So we are not satisfied with the judgment and decided to move to the High Court,” said Samrat Kar Bhowmik.

Vicky was murdered on April 31st evening at around 8 O’Clock. He was shot dead. 


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