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Another premature baby dies in Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital, total reaches 5
Another premature baby dies in Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital, total reaches 5

Tel Aviv, Nov 18 : Another premature baby has died at the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza due to lack of proper incubation support, taking the total number of such deaths to five, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said on Saturday.

The hospital authorities said the lack of fuel has led to the power failure of the incubation support.

The Ministry said that a total of 30 premature babies remain in the enclave's largest medical facility.

Hospital authorities are trying coordinate with the Red Cross to take the children out of the hospital.

Meanwhile, the Ministry's Director Generalalso said that six dialysis patients and 22 Intensive Care Unit staff were killed in an Israeli attack on Al-Shifa, adding that 120 injured people, including five doctors, are also in the hospital.

The development comes as hundreds of people were reported to have left Al-Shifa after Israel Defense Forces (IDF) asked people in Gaza to evacuate to the north.

Adnan Albursh, an orthopedic surgeon at Al-Shifa who moved out of the hospital, told IANS that he found bodies while walking out into the streets.

"We left the hospital destructed. There is no water, oxygen or medicines. The hospital is being attacked from outside.”

He said that he was going to the north of Gaza to be with his family and that he was walking the street.

Albursh told IANS that the doctors and medical staff were walking the Wahda street and had found injured and wounded people but were not able to help them as there were no other medical gadgets with the doctors.

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