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‘17,000 persons arrested in Tripura since March 1, 2024’ : Tripura Police
TIWN April 12, 2024
‘17,000 persons arrested in Tripura since March 1, 2024’ : Tripura Police
PHOTO : Police arrested miscreants at Khayerpur during a disturbance. TIWN Photo March 23, 2024

AGARTALA, April 12 (TIWN): Police’s preventive action-related data was released by Tripura DGP Amitabh Ranjan this week stating that at least 17,000 people were arrested by police since 2024, March 1st, in connection to various crimes. The DGP advised the police force to work with full power to nail down the criminals in the poll season. “Make sure that the hammer is fallen heavily on the miscreants’ heads and no miscreant should go out of the home on vote day. In Naka checking, police have done an extraordinary job. 2.1 lakh vehicles were checked. Seizures worth 458.59 have been done in the last 1 month. Remember, our report card should not degraded than that. In front of ECI, in no way, our report card should look bad,” added DGP.

The DGP was addressing police officials in a program aiming at making the upcoming Lok Sabha poll violence-free.

He said, that due to the lack of sufficient forces, an engineering method would be applied to prevent violence, voters’ prevention.

DGP praised police officials for their excellent jobs from flag marches to other activities such as raiding people’s homes and seizing drugs.

The DGP also advised police to keep a sharp eye on the marked persons against whom allegation of poll violence, or violation of election rules were raised.

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