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Shilpa Shetty: Not my characters, but my songs are what people remember
Shilpa Shetty: Not my characters, but my songs are what people remember

New Delhi, Feb 13 : From “Main Aayi Hoon U.P. Bihar Lootne”, “Aaila Re” to ‘"Jeene Ke Ishaare" and "Shut Up & Bounce" among many others, Shilpa Shetty has featured in many iconic numbers, which are still etched in everyone's mind. The actress makes no bones about the fact that one may forget her movies but her tracks always did very well.

Talking about the characters she has played being memorable along with her songs, Shilpa in a conversation with IANS, said: “I am glad people feel that way.”

She revealed as to why the songs she performed on are still unforgetful.

“I feel that the 90s movies were gold. You can forget movies, maybe my movies didn’t do well at the box-office but my songs always did very well. You may not remember the name of the character I played but you’ll remember the name of the song I have performed,” said Shilpa, who made her debut in 1993 with ‘Baazigar’.

The Mangalore-born star credits the music for her career.

“So, I give a lot of credit to music because a lot of our careers were built on the basis of. I did major films with all the music companies because they found me lucky and even I continue to empahsise how important music is,” shared the actress, whose latest offering is ‘Indian Police Force’.

The actress feels music plays an important role for films to make it a hit.

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