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‘Not 10 lakhs, give my son back’, Jiban Debnath’s mother says
TIWN Nov 15, 2017
‘Not 10 lakhs,  give my son back’, Jiban Debnath’s mother says
PHOTO : Tripura Govt donates Rs. 10 lakhs to Jiban Debnath's family members. TIWN Pic Nov 15

AGARTALA, Nov 15 (TIWN): Even though who killed Jiban Debnath, it has not been known but Tripura Govt is giving financial aiding to Jiban Debnath's family with Rs. 10 lakhs, whose dead body was recovered on Nov 4.

After 47 days of search Khumulwng Police have recovered missing Jiban Debnath's dead body near a river. His body was kept inside a sack after murder.

Transport Minister Manik Dey along with DM, SDM went to Jiban Debnath’s house and compensated Rs. 10 lakhs to his family. Manju Debnath, Jiban Debnath’s mother broke down in tears, unready to receive the amount saying,’ ‘Not money....give my son back’. Jiban Debnath's family has demanded capital punishment for the murderers.

Jiban Debnath, a driver, resident of Agartala had been missing from Khumulwng after he dropped 2 Delhi based journalists on Sep 20. This was the same day when journalist Santanu Bhowmik was killed at Mandai during political clash among CPI-M and IPFT.

Tripura police had begun search for Jiban Debnath's dead body at Khumlwng's forest since Oct 4 night.

With dozer and dogsquade and some locals the searches were going on across Khumlwng.

The arrested Balendra Debbarma by Radhapur police from Kobra Bari area has said  that although he was not present during Jiban Debnath's kidnapping, but he has heard that on Sep-20 Jiban Debnath was killed at Khumlwng by some tribals.

Whether the other two passengers could escape from the spot but Jiban Debnath could not escape and he was stretched from the vehicle and taken to a jungle.

After killing Jiban Debnath at there, his body was dumped inside the soil of that forest. However, police is now searching for Jiban  Debnath's dead body.


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