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'Earlier also we were with 10323 and will be forever' : Tapan Chakraborty continues his old cassette to play with 12000 jolt
TIWN Oct 11, 2017
'Earlier also we were with 10323 and will be forever' : Tapan Chakraborty continues his old cassette to play with 12000 jolt
PHOTO : Tripura CM Manik Sarkar, Education Minister Tapan Chakraborty. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Oct 11 (TIWN): Tripura Education Minister Tapan Chakraborty has continued to play his old cassette and once again being asked about 12000 non-teaching staff recruitment case's pending said, "Tripura Govt was earlier with 10323 teachers and in future also we will be with them". However, the Minister didn't liked to talk on 12000 case much more, although he mentioned Tripura Govt's stand is very strong although can not say anything before 24th October. SC has recently issued a stay order on Tripura Govt created 12000 non-teaching posts which was created after Tripura Govt lost in 10323 case and pressure came on the Govt by opposition and the terminated teachers whose last date of Teaching job was deadlined by SC as 31st December.

But one unemployed youth had filed a case in SC against the 12000's recruitment as Tripura Govt as eligibility had asked for 3 / 5 yrs teaching experience to apply in these non teaching posts. In other words a direct illegal recruitment of 10323 teachers.

But Tapan Chakraborty said, 'We didn't violate any order of SC and thus the jobs are guranteed'.

Being asked for illegal recruitments of 10323 teachers in 13000 posts, Education Minister asked TIWN correspondent, "Can 'Can anybody prove 13,000 posts were created for 10,323 ? We never mention about 10323 while 13000 non-teaching posts were declared".

'They already lost in High Court. At SC also nobody can prove that we created the posts for 10323, Now if anybody wants to file case, what we can do?', said Tapan Chakraborty.

Tapan Chkaraborty said, "We know what is needed for the department. We have created the posts..... as we will give the jobs & we will take care of them ...".  

Chakraborty also affirmed that no violation of law was done while creating 13,000 posts.

However. CPI-M's drama continues with creation of another 13000 jobs as Manik Sarkar Govt trying its level best to sell this imaginary 13000 posts for 10323 hapless youths who are facing termination on Dec 31,2017 as per SC order.

Whereas Supreme Court on March-29, 2017 while giving the verdict of 10,323 teachers case, clearly mentioned that the teachers can continue their jobs only till 2017, 31st Dec & the recruitment process must be started within May 31st (2017) but with the roar of happiness with the announced 13000 posts the 10,323 teachers have forgotten the ground reality.

 In reality have nothing to do with SC's order as SC asked for Teachers' recruitment not hostel warden or librarian, neither school-assistant. 

However, taking the advantage of unemployment crisis Tapan Chakraborty said that it is his dept and he will think whom to recruit, how to recruit. 

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