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‘SFI won with false voters’, claims BJP ! But Tripura’s every booth has over 10% false CPI-M voters : What actions BJP taking against CPI-M before 2018 ?
TIWN Sep 14, 2017
‘SFI won with false voters’, claims BJP ! But Tripura’s every booth has over 10% false CPI-M voters : What actions BJP taking against CPI-M before 2018 ?
PHOTO : Pic 1. CM Manik Sarkar, Pic 2. SFI wins College Election, Pic 3. BJP leaders meet injured ABVP members. TIWN Pics

AGARTALA, Sep 14 (TIWN): After ABVP activists were beaten by SFI students and SFI won the election, BJP in a press release said that with false voters SFI has won the election. Ashok Sinha in a press meet strongly criticized CPI-M’s attitude of poll-violence and violation of democracy. In the same manner, Ram Madhav, the National General Secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party after meeting the injured ABVP members said, “Student Politics should be kept separated from the mainstream. This a pathetic culture that CPI-M has developed here that party counting vote banks from student politics. After BJP comes in power we will ensure that College Election should be democratic and stay out of the main stream of politics”. But 2 questions that remain before BJPs are :

  1. What actions have BJP taken so far, after their ABVP boys were cruelly beaten ? What CPI-M would have done if SFI students were beaten like this ? When ABVP entered SFI student council to recover SFI flags, then SFI made it a state issue by adding some false vandalism stories of breaking various freedom fighters photos from their own council room to prove ABVP as violent student forum. But what BJP/ ABVP / Youth Morcha so far have done in their protest except a press meet and Ram Madhav’s few quotes dedicated for the injured boys ?
  2. The second question is : What will BJP do if CPI-M wins in 2018 election with false voters ?? BJP knows well about the false voters but what have BJP done to cancel the false voter list that was created in CPI-M's 24 yrs regime ?

In past elections, Tripura has recorded close to 90% voters percentage that is highest in the whole country

Even though once BJP leader Subal Bhowmik raised voice against CPI-M's fake voter lists and also Sunil Deodhar mentioned once that all the people living outside Tripura vote is casted in their names, but till day the things have been kept unnoticed due to lameduck attitude of State BJP leaders.

Deodhar claimed at least 1 lakhs of voters who are living outside the state CPI-M Govt managed to cast fake votes in CPI-M vote banks.

But the saddest part is that BJP is shy to take any action yet against it, whereas rather CPI-M had once complained the Election Commissioner about Biplab Deb’s remarks on EVM.

In a latest development it has been known that more than 20 thousand voters names can be enrolled which are absolutely fakes.

CPI-M led Left Front won 50 seats in 2013 but it had to face tough fight from the opposition in 12 seats .In 2013 assembly poll CPI-M led Left Front secured around 52% of the total votes casted while the opposition Congress got around 48% votes . It means by margin of only 4% vote share difference CPI-M won with landslides victory of 50 seats in its tally. 


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