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SFI wins College Election, ABVP wins against ‘odd’
TIWN Sep 13, 2017
SFI wins College Election, ABVP wins against ‘odd’
PHOTO : SFI wins College Election. TIWN Pic Sep 12

AGARTALA, Sep 13 (TIWN): SFI has massively won the College Election on Tuesday night, celebrated.

But ABVP students who have dared to stand in the election with equal campaigning they have won the courage, is itself a big winning that led the result holding till late night. 

Going with the trend is easy for all, but in SFI dominated Colleges standing against them needs huge courage.

ABVP has won against the ‘odd’ that led College Election counting to remain unfinished till latenight.

However, amid tight security no untoward incident took place so far. 

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