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Rohingya-Sympathy of Congress, CPI-M can't be called 'Secularism' : Why Congress remained silent when Manik Sarkar pushed back 250 Hindus from Khowai border in 2016 ??
TIWN Sep 12, 2017
Rohingya-Sympathy of Congress, CPI-M can't be called 'Secularism' : Why Congress remained silent when Manik Sarkar pushed back 250 Hindus from Khowai border in 2016 ??
PHOTO : Pic 1 : Bangladeshi Hindus who entered Indian border refusing to stay at Bangladesh, Pic 2. Rohingyas

AGARTALA, Sep 12 (TIWN): When CPI-M, Congress are voicing for 'Don't deport Rohingyas', their extreme sympathy always only for Jihadis are being exposed, because in the year 2016 out of Muslim torture around 250 tribal Hindus entered Indian Border via Khowai. Before the matter turn as a national issue the state govt of Tripura led by Khowai SP Jayanta Chakraborty pushed back them towards Bangladesh feeding them 1 meal of 'Khichudi'. But day by day illegally Muslims are occupying various lands especially under Bishalgrah subdivision's Sonamura area, but on that time neither Congress nor CPI-M raises its voice. On June 26, 2016 it was Saturday when India's Border Security Force (BSF) prevented around 250 Bangladesh Hindu nationals from entering Tripura .

 SP Khowai District Jayanta Chakraborty told the press, "Around 250 people, including women and children, tried to enter Indian territory through western Tripura today (Saturday) morning, but the BSF thwarted their attempt,".

Later under public pressure, District Administration led by Deputy Collector and BSF supplied water and food packets and arranged temporary tents but these Hindu refugees fates are uncertain.

Manik Sarkar led Tripura CPI-M Govt yet to protest against atrocities by neighboring Bangladesh’s Islamic fundamentalists. Hindus of Bangladesh are in severe survival crisis there are no equal rights for religious minorities in Bangladesh.

In 1971 Hindus population was almost one-third (30 percent) of the population according to official census, in 1972- 20%, and in 2014- it is just 10%. Nine million Hindus actually decreased in the last 10 years only, while people in other communities have increased and there is a clear reason for the decline of the Hindu population, which is, insecurity. The minorities of Bangladesh are continuously living under anxiety and insecurity.

However, CPI-M, Congress never voice for the Hindus living outside the country but when it's about Rohingya or any Jihadi group for shitty politics they always keep their arms open to welcome them.

Tripura Governor Tathagata Roy alerting about Rohingya's future in India said, "In 1971 the Rohingiyas again raised the slogan of an Islamic state at Burma and started an armed Jihad. Ne Win carried out military operations against them over a period of two decades.......On 28 April 1994 the Rohingiyas burst bombs in Maungdaw town and mounted attacks on the Burmese police. In 2012 three Buddhist women were raped. This completely broke down relations between the Buddhists and the Muslims".

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