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'Rohingiyas raised Slogans of Islamic state at Burma' ! Tripura Governor warns about 'Rohingya-Future-in-India' before they raise slogan of 'Another-Azad-Kashmir' !
TIWN Sep 12, 2017
'Rohingiyas raised Slogans of Islamic state at Burma' !  Tripura Governor warns  about 'Rohingya-Future-in-India' before they raise slogan of 'Another-Azad-Kashmir' !

AGARTALA, Sep 12 (TIWN): After tweet on Shyama Pasad Mukharjee by Tripura Governor Tathagata Roy it blew heavy storms of controversies, the Governor in his article @ gave details about all logics behind that tweet. However, after a long time, the straight orator once again came under heavy controversies when he tweeted criticizing Indian politicians who are desperate to welcome Rohingyas who were rejected by even all Muslim countries. Criticizing India's 'Secularism Drama', Roy humoured, "India must shelter Rohingyas as it's a Great-Dharmashala". Tathagata Roy earlier has tweeted, “No Islamic country,nor Bangladesh (state religion Islam)accepts Rohingias. But India,great Dharamshala,must. And if u say no,you're inhuman!” Attacking West Bengal CM Roy tweeted, “But Republic of West Bengal declares it welcomes Rohingias. And Islamist trolls cheer. So Hindu refugees frm East Bengal,look for new refuge”.

Praises and controversies both were received by Tathagata Roy  as expected and many fundamentalists mentioned the Governor as 'Mentally Retired'.

However, Governor tweeted, "A reality check on Rohingiyas. Especially for those who are drowning in their own tears about them  ".

Governor said, "Who exactly are the Rohingiyas? What has been done to them by the Buddhist Myanmarese? And why ? Back in 1824 the British colonized Burma and took a number of labourers from neighbouring Chittagong District of Bengal (now part of Bangladesh) to start cultivation there. The bulk of these were Muslims, a very small number were Hindus. This is why their spoken language is very similar to the spoken language of Southern Chittagong".

"After the British left India and Burma the Rohingiyas continued to live there, and for some reason began to get involved in anti-social activities, such as thievery, smuggling, dacoity and crimes against women. This brought them in direct conflict with the local Buddhist Burmese (now Myanmarese).

During the Pakistan Movement in the 1940s, Rohingya Muslims in western Burma organized a separatist movement to merge the region into East Pakistan. Before the independence of Burma in January 1948, Muslim leaders from Arakan addressed themselves to Muhammad Ali Jinnah the founder of Pakistan, and asked his assistance in incorporating the Mayu region to Pakistan".

 "After Jinnah's refusal to accept northern Arakan into the Domination of Pakistan, some Rohingya elders who supported a jihad movement, founded the Mujahid party in northern Arakan in 1947", said Tathagata Roy.

"In 1971 the Rohingiyas again raised the slogan of an Islamic state and started an armed Jihad. Ne Win carried out military operations against them over a period of two decades.......On 28 April 1994 the Rohingiyas burst bombs in Maungdaw town and mounted attacks on the Burmese police. In 2012 three Buddhist women were raped. This completely broke down relations between the Buddhists and the Muslims", Roy said.

Meanwhile Rohingiya emigrants to Saudi Arabia set up a terrorist organisation called Arakan Rohingiya Salvation Army (ARSA). This is led by a Pakistan-born, Saudi-bred Rohingiya called Ataullah. They are carrying on attacks against the Myanmarese state forces, but at the same time attacking in disguise the Hindus of Rakhine. This is because they want to provoke India to fight Myanmar and give them refuge. They are sure that Bangladesh or any other Islamic country will never take them in any significant number because in any country they go to they’d be a nuisance, at the very least – and a serious security threat in all probability. So their target is to be rehabilitated in India, which they know has a soft underbelly of Pan-Islamists, Muslim appeasers, misguided do-gooders and assorted busybodies based in Lutyens’ New Delhi who feel their place is threatened by Narendra Modi.  

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