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Locals protest against 'Smart City' Agartala's pathetic condition, Tripura capital turns 'Drainwater Lake’ after splash of rain : Demand helicopter-hopping CM’s action plan
TIWN Sep 11, 2017
Locals protest against 'Smart City' Agartala's pathetic condition, Tripura capital turns 'Drainwater Lake’ after splash of rain : Demand helicopter-hopping CM’s action plan
PHOTO : Banamalipur locals protested against water-logging problem.TIWN Pic Sep 11

AGARTALA, Sep 11 (TIWN): Manik Sarkar's golden era turned Agartala city a drain water clogged living hell after a splash of rain as brainless communists destroyed city's drainage system by cement covering all drains. Locals of Banamalipur area blocked the city road on Monday when after few hours of rain whole Agartala City was paralyzed, sank under water that led the offices, schools to go for unofficial ‘strike’. When Chief Minister Manik Sarkar is boosting about his special care for the water-logging problems of Agartala City with his visit at Border areas ‘to check the drainage coverage’, locals of Agartala City have come on massive agitations with umbrellas in their hands in the morning.

Talking to the media, the agitators said, “Just since the morning the rain has started but within few hours our whole area of Banamalipur has sunk under water. Our children couldn’t go to schools, our business are at loss, office goers are suffering mostly. What is the Chief Minister doing ?”

The locals had openly come up with state govt’s criticism and termed the AMC’s administration a “total Failure”.

Since the early morning an incessant rain was followed across the state and other Northeastern states, but like everytime only Agartala City has gone under water and drain water are entering houses generating huge anger among the public here.

The agitators have demanded Chief Minister’s special attention into the matter as nnder PWD and Urban Development Ministers the city has turned worst.

Instead of diminishing the water logging problem, per monsoon the situation is turning critical as the rain water had paralyzed capital city Agartala.

With few hours of rain, the whole Agartala City is flooding on Friday and the common people are unable to return from offices due to the waterlogging here.  

The water-logging is nothing but a reflection of the corruption indulged by AMC in last few years.
During the Budget counter speech held on June 30, 2016, AMC Mayor Prafullajit Sinha placed vivid explanation about the expenditure from 2015 to 2016 and also placed the budget for the year 2016-17. During the budget counter speech he talked about various projects ongoing and also completed project among which Mayor claimed about the almost completion of JNNURM’s (Jawharlal Nehru Urban Development Mission) Rs. 102.22 crores, which was sanctioned for Storm Water Drainage system.

But in reality there is no sign of proper drainage yet arranged in Agartala city. With a few splash of rain the city dupes into water and water logging till waist, is very common for Agartala City.

Whereas West Bengal, Andra Pradesh, Gujrat, Maharasthra have completed the project long back in the year 2012, Tripura is suffering from water logging condition after every rain-splash.

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