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Presidential Election on Monday : 7 votes from Tripura to go for Kovind; rest all for Meira ! Ratan to break Indian Political History by voting BJP
TIWN July 16, 2017
Presidential Election on Monday : 7 votes from Tripura to go for Kovind; rest all for Meira ! Ratan to break Indian Political History by voting BJP

AGARTALA, July 16 (TIWN): The much awaited Presidential Election will be held tomorrow and breaking the suspense of joining of various leaders in opposition BJP soon many leaders will join BJP from TMC, Congress. However, 6 Tripura TMC MLAs to vote for NDA candidate Ramnath Kovind and rest of them for surely to vote for NDA candidate Meira Kumar. But sarcastic truth that hitting Congress Bhawan is that one Congress candidate also in the list who is not voting for Meira Kumar, rather voting for NDA candidate Kovind and that MLA is Ratan Lal Nath. With another major blow for CPI-M, Ratan Lal Nath is also going to be suspended from the party led 2 MLA to role as the Opposition-Congress against CPI-M in Assembly Election-2018. It's believed that both Congress and CPI-M are always aligned in Tripura and Congress's protest against CPI-M are fictitious.

The sudden colour changing of oppositions may will also turn the winter assembly session with ruling CPI-M Vs. BJP for the first time in state political history. 

The leaders, six from TMC and one from Congress will join BJP immediately after the Presidential poll is done. 

However, in the last Assembly Session of winter-2016, Congress MLA Ratan Lal Nath enacted the first drama before joining BJP by praising Modi’s demonetization by supporting demonetization and other Modi Govt's plans and programmes, although he simply said, 'You may criticize me for supporting Modi Govt, but I am not going to join BJP anyway".

‘Do not think I’m going in Modi party’ Nath said in the last assembly session, but on July 6 Ratan Lal Nath only only went to Assam to meet NDA Candidate Ram Nath Kovind, but also sat beside Biplab deb and Sunil Deodhar in the same row. 

On January 30st after Nath met Biplab Deb when media asked Nath whether he will join in BJP or not, Nath replied, ‘…everyone wants to move to the good paths, I’m not different’.

 However, whether Ratan Lal will join on BJP or will act as the mouthpiece of BJP to invite Congress in alliance with BJP…it was not clear.

Already a clash was going on between Congress Chief Birjit Sinha & Ratan Lal Nath. Ratan Lal Nath was also  given a show-cause letter by National Congress but Nath gave no reply.

Finally, Nath has declared to vote for Kovind after he met with BJP national, state leaders at Assam. How a Congress MLA can vote BJP candidate ?, question raised & it fall like an atom-bomb at Congress Bhawan as well as at New Delhi's Congress HQ. However, most likely, Nath will be suspended from the party soon, a source from Congress Bhawan said. 

However, 6 TMC MLAs are also all set to vote BJP candidate and join BJP soon. 

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