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1980’s Mandai massacre of 800 Bengalees by Tribal separatists instigated by Nripen led CPI-M : Nripen’s disciple Manik continued Tribal-Bengali divide-rule policy by targeting migrants as 'Bangladeshi-Foreigners'
TIWN July 16,2017
1980’s Mandai massacre of 800 Bengalees by Tribal separatists instigated by Nripen led CPI-M : Nripen’s disciple Manik continued Tribal-Bengali divide-rule policy by targeting migrants as 'Bangladeshi-Foreigners'
PHOTO : TIWN File Photos: Manik Sarkar arriving in ADC HQ; Tripura's surrendered terrorists in South Tripura camp

AGARTALA, July 16 (TIWN): 1980’s 8th June known as darkest day in Tripura’s history as Tribal separatists brutally massacred over 800 Bengalees mostly women and children when Nripen Chakraborty was at the helm as Chief Minister of Tripura. Massacre was such brutal that on 9th June when Indian Army commander Major R. Rajamani arrived in Mandai he admitted that he never witnessed such gruesome murder where pregnant women’s wombs are split-open, infant childs head separated, even attackers inserted sharp weapons in the genitalia of the victim women. On 7th June, the day before massacre, then CPI-M Minister Dasarath Deb held a meeting in Mandai whose details are still unknown to public.

On 9th June,1980 When the report of massacre reached to then Health Secretary cum head of GB Hospital Dr. Rathin Datta, Dr Datta rushed to Mandai with his team of Doctors but upon return with severely injured villagers at GB Hospital,  within no time CM Nripen Chakraborty called Datta and sternly asked not to disclose number of deaths to outside media or public. CPI-M’s hidden hand in creating communal unrest  benefitted Party heavily in elections as majority Bengalis assumed CPI-M as their saviour against Tribal brutality, on the other hand Tribals felt only CPI-M can save them from Bengali aggression.

In 1992,  Manik Sarkar in a signed document attacked majority Bengalis to appease Tribal vote-bank, the seed of communal divide was sowed by CPI-M’s Nripen Chakraborty, Manik Sarkar to stay in power.

CPI-M not only created this communal divide but instigated separatist outfits like TNV (Tripura National Volunteers) and a section of in 2017 CPI-M is backing again IPFT type seperatist groups.

On Saturday's press conference BJP State head Sunil Deodhar said " CPI-M is behind all communal divisions in Tripura.Not only that IPFT's road blocade another evil step to deprive State's transportation. "

Sunil deodhar said, "If within 48 hours Chief Minister Manik Sarkar donot take action against IPFT to withdraw strike then BJP with 10,000 workers will paralyse Manik Sarkar's movements inside Tripura.'

CPI-M leaders Nripen Chakraborty, Manik Sarkar played dirty games to divide State’s Bengali-Tribal harmony by instigating hate filled propaganda.

After appeasing Tribals, CPI-M created a fear psychosis among Bengalees so that both sides' hapless people vote for CPI-M.

Truth can never be hidden and if today CPI-M is calling IPFT as Anti-Bengali they should also kick out their own Chief Minister, who has masked himself as a ‘Clean CM’.

Manik Sarkar has been exposed from his 1992's anti-Bengali statement when he was the Secretary of State CPI-M which was in opposition against ruling Congress. In his own signed statement what Manik Sarkar not only called for Bengali Hindus expulsion to Bangladesh but also demanded inner permit card for Bengalees entering into ADC areas.

Manik Sarkar said, "Tribals who were 70 % of the population, during Maharaja's time have now come to 23 %...the 'Bangladeshi foreigners' have started silently invading the TTADC...if this process is not stopped forthwith the Tribal identity itself will be in danger". 

This statement was placed by Manik Sarkar before CPI-M state committee on 26th Feb. 1992 that further led by Manik Sarkar saying, "During last 48 months, Tribals got tremendously frustrated because they can not place their confidence on the Govt (Congress Govt), which started an undeclared war against the tribal minorities...".

With the sole aim to break communal harmony and defeat ruling Congress, Manik Sarkar also said the following : 

1) Inner permit must be introduced for Bengali entry to maintain the majority of the tribals TTADC areas.

2) MTF (Mobile Task Force) must be recognized with Assam Rifles to prevent to further infiltration from Bangladesh.

3) Bangladeshi foreigners must be identified & they must be kept in camps.

4) Central Govt must seal Tripura-Bangladesh border.

However after coming in power after 1993, Manik Sarkar didn't feel it necessary in his long 24 years of regime for Inner permit or Border security, whereas without VISA, Passport even Jihadis are also staying happily in state.

CM’s right hand like Minister Shahid Chowdhury has also licensed the Ganja producers to go with their free illegal business in Sonamura-Baxanagar area for the sake of Communist vote bank and Finance.  Rather state govt has said Tripura doesn't need arm forces as it's a peaceful land. And in case of Tripura-Bangladesh border even after Centre's pushing, Tripura Govt is not at all cooperating to seal the border, that has been running the state for 24 years.

That was Manik Sarkar in 1992 as per his statement signed by Manik Sarkar himself. From Mandai Bengali massacre by Tribal extremists to all anti-national activities, CPI-M’s direct hand never allowed Tripura to prosper.

CPI-M in one hand played as godfather for Bengalees protection but in other hand instigated Tribal groups to unleash violence against innocent non-Tribals.

CPI-M is also behind IPFT's nude rally and but it's time to uncloth CPI-M as their communal politics well known.

So called poorest CM of India Manik Sarkar in a programme at Town Hall, conducted by Tribal Employees Association, asked why Tribal students at ADC do not respect the Bengali teachers ? But all his sympathy are just for show, so that whenever needed he can trigger violence by using some tribal sentiments. Manik Sarkar’s anti-Bengali demands of 1992 has not been fulfilled till day, whereas his ugly face has been exposed.

BJP State Tripura Indigenous Leaders Chairman Jishnu Devbarma on Thursday has accused Sarkar for using people like N C Debbarma to trigger violence whereas it was CPI-M who created the Anti-Bengali propaganda among the the Tribals.

Also Manik Sarkar being the Home Minister of the state is fully silent over IPFT Tipraland issue and Naresh Jamatia is trying the console the issue. The BJP tribal leaders present in the press meet said, " Naresh Jamatia is talking all rubbish as seems he has gone mad".

TIWN earlier published Ex-Communist CM Dasarath Deb's comments in 1992 brainwashing Tribal people and  anti-Bengali sentiment propagation by late CPI-M leader, with a snapshot from CPI-M's archive where he said Bengali people should not be not allowed to enter in ADC"..

TIWN publishing former CPI-M Secretary cum CM Manik Sarkar's statement in 1992 instigating Anti-Bengali sentiments with Manik Sarkar's signature.

Signed document by Manik Sarkar as CPI-M State Secretary in 1992 as part of Anti-Bengali drive to create communal divide

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