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'BJP to block Chief Minister's movement if IPFT's blockade is not withdrawn in next 48 hrs' : Sunil Deodhar
TIWN July 15, 2017
'BJP to block Chief Minister's movement if IPFT's blockade is not withdrawn in next 48 hrs' : Sunil Deodhar
PHOTO : Sunil Deodhar addessing media at BJP Office. TIWN Pic July 15

AGARTALA, July 15 (TIWN): Addressing a press conference, Tripura BJP Observer Sunil Deodhar said in the evening, "If IPFT's blockade is not withdrawn within next 48 hours, then BJP will block Chief Minister Manik Sarkar's movements". "We are extremely unhappy, angry with the blockade created a collapsing condition of transport, health, education in Tripura. Even today when Indigenous people were celebrating Ker Puja, the IPFT didn't allow its own people to enjoy the ceremony. What kind of Indigenous people's leader they are?". Blasting the Chief Minister, Deodhar said, "7 days have been gone but the Chief Minister has no concerns at all, rather making the issue as a joke Bijan Dhar sat with his allegation of BJP/ IPFT nexus. BJP does not keep relation with the dividers who want separate state". "Thus we are giving 48 hours to IPFT and the ruling party to stop the blockade in the name of democratic right. Or we are going to block Chief Minister's movement to let him understand how it feels when you being in your place you can not move", said Deodhar. About the meeting of IPFT with DoNER Minister Sunil Deodhar said that such people when go at Delhi they stay very sweet but after coming back they spread lie saying 'we met home minister etc'.

Addressing further with BJP proposed State Council, Jishnu Dev Varman said state council is nothing but will give tribals scope to developing overall.

In demand of a separate Tipraland, Tripura tribal party IPFT has continued a strike over National Highway and Railway from July 10 at Baramura.

The road blockade was begun with the demand of a separate land Tipraland since Monday morning and denied to withdraw the strike unless state is separated. On Tuesday as a part of agitation IPFT had burnt tires, raised slogan of ‘No Tipraland, No Rest’ and on Wednesday IPFT also held a naked rally & this is the 6th day of their blockade.


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