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Lameduck CM claims Communist Economic policy reformed India
TIWN May 19, 2017
Lameduck CM claims Communist Economic policy reformed India
PHOTO : Manik Sarkar addressing Sonamura Town Hall. TIWN Pic May 19

AGARTALA, May 19 (TIWN): India's one of the most failed Chief Minister who is solely responsible for Tripura's down economy since the era of Nripen Chakraborty, Dasarath Deb ended, claimed at Sonamura in a programme that CPI-M's all policies were accepted atlast by Jawaharlal Nehru also.

The programme was held at Sonamura Town Hall where 720 landless people allocated with lands as per Central Govt's land-laws.

Chief Minister claimed that it was 1st Kelara who adopted Land-Act-Law but it was opposed by the other parties, but later Jawaharlal Nehru understand the importance of the issue and thus the bill was passed.

CM further warned the people that other parties eventhough talk long, but if public fell on their traps nothing will be gained at the end.

'Less is better than empty but if people lust for excess, they will lost everything', CM added. However, he didn't mention that in Tripura excess is a matter of far away, but amidst excess giving from the centre, state govt is vanishing the funds. The Govt-Employees deprivation is the first example in it. 

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