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Low quality work under State PWD collapses newly constructed boundary wall on the 1st day of monsoon : Opposition blocks road
TIWN April 20, 2017
Low quality work under State PWD collapses newly constructed boundary wall on the 1st day of monsoon : Opposition blocks road
PHOTO : Boundary wall collapse at Kumaritilla. TIWN Pic April 20

AGARTALA, April 20 (TIWN): The frequent use of cheap materials in CPI-M Govt led State PWD work has once again been proven, when a newly constructed wall was fully collapsed at Kumari Tilla, Agartala after the incessant rain of Wednesday. This incident has created much resentment among the locals and they alleged that even after alarming the authority for multiple times regarding the quality of the work, no action was taken so far. During the spot visit of TIWN correspondent at Kumari Tilla, the locals told media that Govt had decided to make a park, after eviction of illegal residents over there. But time to time the locals told the authorities about the work and how the contractor was doing embezzlement with Govt funds. However, all the complaints remained without any action, resulting the collapsing of the full boundary on the 1st day of the rain. Local people immediately complained at local BJP office and blocked the BT College road for hours seeking reason behind the embezzlement of central funds.

Reportedly, before few months a huge number of families were evicted from that spot and Govt immediately occupied the land and began boundary construction at there. But time to time complaints were lodged, but the authorities allegedly turned a blind eye into the issue. After this incident BJP activists also expressed worries about other govt buildings, school and colleges construction, when Tripura is under such an earthquake zone.

It’s worthy to mention here that the Central Govt is pushing Tripura’s Govt to expense huge unutilized funds across various Depts, but everywhere low quality’s works, non-utilized funds are developing huge debate among state and central, leading many funds to stop temporary.

Such an embarrassing situation faced by the Govt of Tripura on February 18 at Pragna Bhawan, when the Union Health Minister J P Nadda asked Minister Badal Choudhury why Tripura Govt is not expensing the fund allocated for developments.

In a mocking tone the Minister said, ‘Please expense the money as all are yours. Central Govt now a days are pushing the state govts to expense the funds. It has been seen that after the fund is allocated, it stays at the treasury for 3 months and then it goes to the dept under state govt. Now think, what is the situation across the year. If there are 12 months, then for every fund allocation it needs 3 months”.

He also mentioned, “…..when it comes about PWD development, the state govt unable to decide the building construction… please whatever you like select it…but hurry up the issues”.

Now, it’s to be seen what action the state govt takes after the incident as PWD’s negligence and corruption have once again revealed before the mass. 

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