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10 states noticed for 'Grievance Redressal' by Central Govt in MGNREGA : Tripura fails to submit report within April 5 : last date of sending status Friday
TIWN April 19, 2017
10 states noticed for 'Grievance Redressal' by Central Govt in MGNREGA : Tripura fails to submit report within April 5 : last date of sending status Friday
PHOTO : CM Manik Sarkar attending a programme at Pragna Bhawan. TIWN Pic April 19

AGARTALA, April 19 (TIWN): Central Govt had asked to the all states and UTs, to make rules to determined appropriate 'Grievance Redressal mechanism within this month. However, the work status yet to be sent at Centre along with other listed works mentioned in the notice. The final date has been mentioned as April 20 that is on Friday in this regard. In the grievance Redressal it has been said that "as per Section-19 of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment national Act (MGNREGA), the state Govt is mandated to make the rules of determine appropriate grievance redressal mechanism and lay down procedure for disposal of complaints". But eventhough it was told the states on March 10 with the deadline of April-5, but Tripura Govt and other 9 states have failed to complete the report led the Centre to send a final notice and asked to look into the matter on urgent basis and send the report within April-20. However, along with Tripura, 3 more NE states names were enlisted as Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur.

 However, on the next day there will be a more critical meeting that is on April 21. Before that in May-2016, June-2016, July-11, 2016 and 24th March-2017 in total 4 times Centre had sent notice to Tripura Govt and this notice has been given as final notice without extending the time anymore.

However, along with Tripura there are some other states who received the final notice. Tripura was also given notice for incomplete MGNREGA works.

 The notice clearly wrote, "As per Section-23, sub-section-3 and the process laid in Section 33, Sub-Section-2 of the MGNREGA state govt may frame rules of payment of compensation. In absence of the rule the state govt till time, the rule is frames, may issue advisory/ executive instruction, to the functionaries for payment of the compensation of delay  in wage payment".

fter the bitter experiences received from state Tripura and few other state regarding MGNREGA incomplete works, unpaid labour budgets, the Central RD Dept. has noticed Tripura RD Principal Secretary GSG Ayyangar to sit in a consultative meeting with Centreal RD Dept on April-21, whereas discussion will be focused on "Consultative meeting on Focused Monitoring for timely payment of wages to MGNREGA Workers in FY 2017-18 and Standardization of Case Record-Reg. Earlier on March-28 similar things were told to the Principal Secretaries verbally and later on April 3rd, the issue was repeated with a further date scheduled for a meeting on April-21.

It has been clearly mentioned in the letter, "Kindly, recall the discussion held in the Video Conference meeting conducted on 28.03.2017 under the chairmanship of secretary, Dept of Rural Development, Ministry of rural development. In this connection, I'm directed to inform you that it has been decided in the Ministry to organize consultation  meeting with your State to discuss the strategy and action plan for timely payment of wages to the workers in FY 2017-18 as per the schedule (April-21)".


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