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Sarada, Narada, Rose Valley tainted Trinamool cross all limits, compares PM Modi with Hitler ! insults India’s poverty by mocking Modi’s poor childhood
TIWN Jan 11, 2017
Sarada, Narada, Rose Valley tainted Trinamool cross all limits, compares PM Modi with Hitler !  insults India’s poverty by mocking Modi’s poor childhood
PHOTO : TMC published mockery banner in demonetization protest at Paradise Chowmuhnai. TIWN Pic Jan 11

AGARTALA, Jan 11 (TIWN): Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool stooped to new low after one by one Ministers, MPs arrest by CBI for direct involvements in massive Chit fund scams ranging between Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh crores. Trinamool's organized corruption, Chit fund scams turned Party leaders into foul-mouthed dogs barking against nation's Prime Minister. On Wednesday in a ghastly campaign, Tripura Trinamool led by Sudip Barman, Asish Saha and others compared PM as new age Hitler, accused both Hitler and Modi in same bracket that they didn’t marry in ‘Action’, Also being a fruit seller to chai-walla, Trinamool insulted Modi's poverty and poor upbringing. On the one side of the banner displayed at Agartala, Hitler picture was given, on the other side Modi’s face, even though common men ignored Trinamool's nasty propaganda. Trinamool led by MLA Sudip Barman at Agartala Paradise Chowmuhani left no bound to insult the Prime Minister of India. It was the same Trinamool which raised voice against Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar’s Anti-Nationalist speech against PM Modi before foreign delegates at Pragna Bhawan.

That time Trinamool members for the sake of this BJP Prime Minister’s dignity burnt Manik Sarkar’s effigy, compares Manik Sarkar with Hitlar and slammed CPI-M for calling Netajit as Tojo’s Dog ! But the same Trinamool again doing the same thing. Trinamool Congress published a banner where not only they mentioned indirectly about PM Modi’s personal life but also laughed at his poverty.

However all the grudge against PM Modi raised by Tripura MLA Sudip Barman and Mamata led West Bengal TMC leadrs after he announced about demonetization.

According to Trinamool, neither terrorism nor black money could be hacked by this demonetization. On the other hand, no party than TMC was as hyper-active as Trinamool against demonetization.

Trinamool is the only party whose leaders were mostly arrested by CBI in chit fund rows. So, question raised why demonetization will not affect these people as they are the main source of black-money.

Who knows how many crores rupees, bundles became useless at those Trinamool leader’s homes ?

On the other hand TMC’s protest raised its head after the arrest of Tapas Paul and Sudip Banerjee at West Bengal.

But, is it right to cross the personal domain of a person ? Is it good to hit the leader of the nation referring is family issues?

Many great persons were poor apart from Modi. Who can deny the poverty of A P J Abdul Kalam ?So, what if Modi was also poor? Is poverty is a laughing staff for Chit-fund business people ? May be that’s why Modi demonetized the black money so that poor can live.

It’s worthy to mention here that Narendra Modi was an ordinary boy from a middle class family, the third of four children, and life was literally dark when he was young. The family house was poorly lit and had little natural light; the kerosene lamp added to the smoke and grime. At 18, he decided to wander in the Himalayas, leaving behind his family and an unconsummated marriage.

But TMC has insulted all the ethics and dignity of  poor people if India by displaying this banner before Agartala City Centre.

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