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PM Modi’s ‘Act-East’ Policy in action : Udaipur-Agartala Rail Service to commence soon : NFR officials expressed dissatisfaction over Agartala Railway Station, Udaipur visit on Thursday
TIWN Jan 11, 2017
PM Modi’s ‘Act-East’ Policy in action : Udaipur-Agartala Rail Service to commence soon : NFR officials expressed dissatisfaction over Agartala Railway Station, Udaipur visit on Thursday
PHOTO : NFR Officials arrive Tripura. TIWN Pic Jan 11

AGARTALA, Jan 11 (TIWN): Modi Govt’s ‘Act-East’ Policy in action after successive safety inspections in Sept’2016, now a final survey will be held on Agartala-Udaipur route on Thursday. NFR Officials led by AGM Ratan Lal, ADRM Nayan Maligao have arrived in Tripura on Wednesday. Alongwith Agartala railway station the officials are to inspect other railway stations, tracks etc. However, the officials reportedly expressed dissatisfaction after inspecting the tracks, buildings at Agartala Railway Station. The officials will visit at Udaipur to survey the tracks laid at Agartala-Udaipur route. Concerned about the increasing accidents, the safety has become primary priority for Railway Dept now.

It can be said that North Tripura to Gomati Dist. is now almost connected by railway tracks as CRS inspection has already been done by the Safety Commissioner on Sep 27. Safety Commissioner Sailen Kumar Pathak  on that time expressed satisfaction about the work done by NFR on that railway track. He said, “I’m satisfied with the work been implemented on Agartala-Udaipur route”. However, after Thursday's inspection the final date for Agartala-Udaipur Rail Service will be announced.

NFR railways expansion towards South Tripura by making history on Tripura’s soil, which was almost a dream in UPA Govt. era. But if Tripura had a people-loving Govt  then the people might not had to wait for the present Govt. till 68 years of joining with India.

However, the demand for Rail Service was always been high in Tripura which has been proven with the increasing demand of people for more trains. Already bunches of demands raised for more express trains, and  more local trains which shows that people got a relief after the railway service began in Tripura, although after 70 years of Independence & 68 years of Tripura’s becoming a part of India.

Suresh Prabhu, Union Railway Ministry however in the inauguration day of Dehi-Agartala Express train said, “This is just the beginning…. Not only Tripura Sundari many trains will come in coming years”. Now one can see in Agartala Railway station that trains how frequently are coming. The places which were known as interior places, now is overcrowded and lively.

This is the 1st phase of development that Tripura is undergoing. By connecting till Sabroom the first phase of Railway Connectivity will be completed within 2017’s beginning.

Railway, which has started to run on Tripura’s soil---- the central govt. is asking the state Govt. to use Railway as also its potentiality & to boost railway revenue. If state had a finance commission, then they could upgrade own infrastructure by the revenue. But due to Tripura’s lameduck Ministry Central Govt. is getting no cooperation from Tripura, although Modi’s Act East Policy is determined to upgrade the state.

“Every state’s known by its power”, Bibek Debroy NITI Aayog member said during his visit in Tripura on Sep 22. He said this giving many examples of developed states.

In 2- 3 years, the Railway budget has been increased under the Central Govt. In 2014-15 it was 5,489 crores, in 2015-16 it was 6,100 crores, in 2016-17 the target will be atleats Rs. 7,000 crores”.

But due to lack of any income from Tripura Railway route the full burden is dumping on the central Govt. Tripura is exporting nothing, although it has potentiality.

One thing was right that due to Central Govt’s interference the work atleast progressing fastly, but if state did the work, then by 2025 also Udaipur Sbaroom would not see rail tracks.  

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