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‘Modi’s father also can’t push CBI against Rose Valley !’, says Congress MLA Ratan Lal Nath : ‘Ratan Lal is either talking for CPI-M or BJP !’, says TMC President
TIWN Jan 11, 2017
‘Modi’s father also can’t push CBI against Rose Valley !’, says Congress MLA Ratan Lal Nath : ‘Ratan Lal is either talking for CPI-M or BJP !’, says TMC President
PHOTO : Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar with Chit Fund group chiefs, CPI-M leader Yechury. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Jan 11 (TIWN): Reacting over the press meet held by Congress MLA Ratan Lal Nath at Press Club on January 7, Trinamool MLA Asish Saha in a talk with TIWN correspondent on Wednesday said, ‘I’m not getting the point why Ratan Lal Nath is talking like this. Whereas in whole India Congress, is protesting for Chit fund scams, in the middle Ratan Lal Nath said that the Central Govt has no right to push the ball for CBI inquiry in Tripura’. ‘Central Govt knows everything, although the report sent by CPI-M govt here was fully bogus and filled with wrong information which delayed the CBI inquiry here. But the central Govt can send Enforcement Dept. (ED) in Tripura. ED is investigating the allover scams across India. Then why not in Tripura?” “Supreme Court clearly mentioned who are involved in this Rose Valley scam, where with Orissa and Assam the name of Tripura was also clearly mentioned", said Saha.

"Then how can Ratan Babu say that Modi can’t do anything ? In anyway he is either working for CPI-M or for BJP”, Saha added.

It’s worthy to mention here that CBI will never come in Tripura unless it gets any hint against the crime held here.It’s fully upto the state govt. whether CBI inquiry will be held or not. As Tripura has been sent wrong data on Rose Valley,so CBI never came across Tripura’s biggest ever chit-fund scam eve after it looted maximum number of public money.

Ratan lal Nath said that at West Bengal CBI has arrest Sudip Banerjee in connection with him with Rose Valley at Orissa. CBI will not  take action against Tripura Chit fund cases, unless it finds any seriousness angel in the case.

“If the CPI-M state Govt wants it can easily call for CBI investigation against Rose Valley. High Court asked for Sit as the state Govt never showed any interest in CBI investigation. Now if the state govt tells High Court that it wants CBI investigation, High Courts will not have any problem in it…..”, said Nath.

Nath added.  The cases, which was tried to dump under files in after time it exposed that Rose Valley has looted Rs. 97 crores 84 lakhs from that area. “But the Modi Govt has no link with the delaying of CBI inquiry against Rose Valley and other chit fund cases in Tripura. The responsibility to call CBI is fully upto Tripura Govt’s report”, he added.

Against his speech on Wednesday TMC President Asish Saha said that Central Govt can do many things. What is important is the CBI investigation should be held in Tripura.. that’s all we want, but talking favouring someone will not bring the solution in anyway. 

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